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Interactive IT Policy-Making in the Netherlands
Words • 2339
Pages • 10
Alongside quick advances in IT, policies administrating IT and its stakeholders have multiplied. Stakeholder commitment is generally commended as an essential procedure for enhancing Information, Communication and open policy decision making. The purpose for this paper is to inspect how Stakeholder commitment is utilized to create policies in Informational and Communication technology regions and how to promote people (Stakeholders) who are affected by policies involved in the policy-making process, and in addition to recognizing future needs to lead proof-based stakeholder…...
CommunicationPolicyTechnologyThe Netherlands
In the Netherlands, van Eyck created the Ghent Altarpiece
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Pages • 4
The Arnolfini Portrait is a painting that has many interpretations, is it artwork of woman with child or a celebration of marriage, to commemorate a wife who died in childbirth, to highlight the figures status or a fashion statement? Completed in 1434 in Bruges, Belgium and admired for its profound dexterity and examined for its peculiar imagery, Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait has remained a mystery since the 19th century. The Arnolfini Portrait’s earliest known history is remarkable, it’s rare…...
ArtCulturePaintingThe Netherlands
Netherlands Clothing Fashions in 16th-17th Centuries
Words • 666
Pages • 3
In the painting made by Pieter van der Werff, a young boy sits, playing with a toy three-master, which is a three-masted ship, hence the name. The boy holds a bright red string that is attached to the toy boat, indicating that wheels are attached to the bottom of the ship. On the highest mast, the ship flies a Netherlands flag, indicating that this is where the boy is located. The boy has shoulder-length blond hair and is wearing a…...
ClothingCulturePaintingThe Netherlands
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A Comparison of the Differences Between the United States and the Netherlands
Words • 808
Pages • 4
Let us go for a visit to the Netherlands, home of never-ending beautiful canals, windmills, old wooden clogs, and most famously known for their cheeses. Most adults from the United States understand the punitive laws about “soft drugs” like marijuana and “hard drugs” like Cocaine, Heroin, and Opiates that the United States enforces. In the Netherlands, their views and laws about “soft drugs” and “hard drugs” are much different from the United States. Let’s head into one of their many…...
HealthJusticeLawThe Netherlands
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