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The Lesson: A Stark Look at Socioeconomic Disparity by Toni Cade Bambara
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"The Lesson" by Toni Cade Bambara is a poignant short story that paints a stark picture of economic disparity, social injustice, and the challenging process of awakening to inequality. This tale, narrated by a young, spirited girl named Sylvia, takes us on a transformative journey, revealing how a simple excursion can illuminate the deep-rooted divisions in our society.The story unfolds in a poor neighborhood in Harlem, where a group of children led by Miss Moore, a college-educated woman, venture out…...
The Lesson
A Guide on How to Properly Write a Lesson Plan
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Have you ever sat at your desk late at night and stared at a blank lesson plan template that is due for your 8am Education practicum with no idea how to even begin? If you relate to this experience you are probably a first semester Elementary Education student struggling with writing your first lesson plans for your very first practicum experience. You probably have felt the pressure to create a lesson that will keep the attention of the twenty first…...
The Lesson
“The Lesson” Analysis
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The problems of inequality of people with different social backgrounds has been the main thing for people into the political, and social studies. Everyone is placed in an category which determined as “high class, middle class, and lower class”. Since slavery has ended, there has been struggles between the African Americans and Caucasian’s involving different backgrounds. Although, slavery may have ended, African Americans are still placed in the low class category. In the story “The Lesson”, author Toni Cade Bambara,…...
The Lesson
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A Guide on How to Properly Write a Lesson Plan
...Now that you have read this guideline you will be able to create a strong lesson plans for many subjects that are engaging and yet comprehensive for your students. You can go forward into the rest of the practicums you...
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