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Happily On Ever After 
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In the time the short story “The lady with the dog” was written it was considered normal to marry for practical reasons. Reasons such as money, name, and place in society. Love was not the main motive for marriage. In this story we follow Anna and Demetri who are both married for practical reasons and do not feel true love towards their significant other. The lack of love these two feel in their own marriages is the catalyst of the…...
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The Lady With The Dog Theme
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In daily life, one is constantly presented with obstacles, challenges, and opportunities. It is what One does with these occurrences that defines One’s character. In order for change to occur within a person, acceptance is necessary. ‘The Garden Party’, written by Katharine Mansfield and ‘The Lady With the Dog,’ written by Anton Tchekhov were short stories that focused on the outcome of the choices One makes based on prior experiences. The two stories had one main theme in common: acceptance.…...
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