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An Analysis of the Killer Angels by Michael Shaara
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Michael Shaara was an American writer of historical fiction, science fiction, and sports fiction. He has written five novels and four short stories. Of them all, The Killer Angels being one of his more well known and earning him a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. It is also a national best seller among other things. He received his viewpoints and information behind the Killer Angels from his family. Shaara was born in Jersey City, New Jersey to Michael Joseph Sr., an…...
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Essay Examples on Battle of Gettysburg
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1st Essay Sample on Battle of Gettysburg The American people in 1860 believed they were the luckiest people alive in all the world. This was before the start of what some believe as "thefirst real civil war."(Catton 108).The battle, demonstrating as it did the effectiveness of the Confederate army, changed the status of the conflict from a rebellion to a civil war.Six hundred thousand young Americans, alive when 1860 ended, would all of the explosion in the next four years.The…...
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