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Fate Vs Free Will Essay
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Numerous people use fate as a cover-up in order to take less responsibility over their life. Many people believe that fate controls their every move and decision, and that even the choices they make are not really their own. Man’s Search for Meaning is a memoir written by Viktor Frankl in which fate vs. freewill plays a large part of Frankl’s story. Frankl is imprisoned in a concentration camp during the Second World War. He struggles to find inner peace…...
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The Glass Sharon Olds
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Sylvia Plath vs. Sharon Olds A traditional American household has changed throughout the years to the point where ‘traditional’ isn’t even politically correct to depict anything about a family anymore. But if we look back to the standard traditional household and there was always a father, a mother, and a 2. 5 children. The father has always been designated as the head of the household and something that Sylvia Plath and Sharon Olds have in common is just that, that…...
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In ‘The Bell Jar’ the protagonist Esther Greenwood remarks that
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In ‘The Bell Jar’, the protagonist, Esther Greenwood, remarks that ‘the more hopeless you were, the further away they hid you’. One could suggest that this quotation could be applicable to the treatment of women, not exclusively in 1950s America, which provides the backdrop of the text, but throughout history, brought about by established and ignorant patriarchal systems. However, the suppression of such women by society and its expectations are recognised to have caused significant harm and in turn, pressured…...
The Bell Jar
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Struggle of the individual in The Bell Jar and One flew over the Cuckoos Nest
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In The Bell Jar and Cuckoo's Nest, both the protagonists struggle not only with a deteriorating mental stability and oppression from those surrounding them but also with a lack of a sense of individuality. Kesey and Plath explore these personal struggles through the experiences of alienation and identity paranoia through evocative literary techniques; being overwhelmed and powerless to break free of their inner world of isolation. Esther, in The Bell Jar, is a young, sensitive and intelligent woman who feels…...
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