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The Element of Desire in Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser
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Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser is a story of the power of desire. Desire is the strongest influence among the characters. Carrie, Drouet and Hurstwood each have a longing for something they do not possess. As creatures of instinct, people are driven by desire. Carrie Meeber, being a natural aristocrat, desires materialistic objects such as clothes. Upon engaging Drouet on the train, Carrie thinks to herself foremost of his wealth. She all too aware of what she has to do…...
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A Comparison of the Theme of the American Dream in Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser and the Pearl by John Steinbeck
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Pages • 8
The Nightmare of the American Dream Many people strive to pursue the American Dream for they believe that through hard work and effort, [everyone] can achieve success, can be rich, famous and happy (Willett 1). However, the pursuit of the American Dream will ultimately destroy every individual. In Sister Carrie and The Pearl, both authors demonstrate the many obstacles in this pursuit and show how the pursuit consumes those aspiring to attain the dream. Specifically these obstacles can be shown…...
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The Immoral Use of Appearance to One’s Advantage in Sister Carrie, a Novel by Theodore Dreiser
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Pages • 5
Some people try to use their looks to get ahead in life, while others think it is wrong or even immoral to use their appearance as an advantage. Because everyone looks different, many people who aren't as well equipped with their looks resent the people that chose to use their superior ones to their advantage. It is ok to use what one has to get where one wants to go even if it means capitalizing on one's own appearance. In…...
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Theodore Dreiser, Sister Carrie
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Pages • 15
Theodore Dreiser’s “Sister Carrie” has been distinguished by various critics among author’s other novels due to complexity of themes revealed through the story of a woman. According to Dreiser, and he developed this point clearly throughout his many novels, “The Financier,” “American Tragedy,” and “Sister Carrie,” society is too concerned with the societal demands for material success. However, the last story clearly deviates from author’s traditional inclinations, and reveals much more beyond the politics of money. From this perspective, “Sister…...
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