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Insects Vs Animals
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Why do we not care about exterminating a whole society of insects, but we start riots and revolts over the killing of animals like elephants, dolphins, whales, rhinos, and other nearly extinct animals? We have reasons to kill these animals just like the insects, the slaughter of these animals temporarily benefits us, but what people do think about is what will happen if we eliminate every single insect of a certain species. Rachel Carson is an incredibly brave individual for…...
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Environmental Stewardship Essay
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Environmental protection has been the goal of every society in the world. Today’s world is characterized by environmental degradation. A lot animals and plants became extinct. We see environmental degradation through print media – newspapers and magazines, through television, through the use of internet. These include the water, air, and land pollution – forest denudation through slash and burn, acid rain due to industrial pollution, oil spills killing marine and aquatic life, piled up garbage due to lack of landfills…...
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“Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson
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The book “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson is not simply a science-fiction book – it is one of the greatest ecologically aware protests. The author provides effective and relevant information, considerations and notions about contemporary environmental conditions: “Then a strange blight crept over the area and everything began to change. Some evil spell had settled on the community… Everywhere was a shadow of death”. Actually, the book is a collection of thematic essays being divided into sub-theme with strong environment…...
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