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Mary Shelley and Jane Austen
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We are all tabernacles of clay. Our families, friends, surroundings, and passions all mold us into who we are. Who we become directly impacts the choices we make, and the work we perform. Mary Shelley and Jane Austen, both vastly different women, were authors whose books across the continent, even across the world. These women, their surroundings, and their upbringings, greatly impacted their literature. Through family life, personal experience, and worldly views, Austen and Shelley’s surroundings impacted their literature. Jane…...
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Sense and Sensibility Analysis
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Jane Austen was a skilled and well accomplished writer when she lived. Having written many books, Sense and Sensibility is one of her more well-known novels. Through Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen displayed the consistent factors of society that continue to relate to society today. These factors being, emotional attachments, family, social norms, and social beliefs. Emotional attachments are some of the biggest parts of our culture. We have thousands of attachments and each are developed in a unique way.…...
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