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Purple Hibiscus: Questions and Answers
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How does the setting (place and time) impact the story? How does the author skillfully use the setting to create the desired effect? The setting of the story takes place in Nigeria and during this period, coups occurred. This setting helps impact the story in the sense that it explains why Mr. Eugene behaves in such a manner towards his family. Mr. Eugene is a man who does not believe in corruption, he believes that kids should have a schedule…...
Purple Hibiscus
It Has Been Five Years Since Everything
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Five years since Papa died. Five years since Aunty Ifeoma and my cousin moved to America, and five years since Jaja was sent to prison for confessing to Papas murder. It has been five years and Mama has finally started to talk more. In fact, this is the most I have ever heard Mama speak. What used to seem to be a huge compound now seemed so small and empty. The compound walls, topped with coil electric wires, that use…...
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Purple Hibiscus Essay
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This sample essay on Purple Hibiscus Essay provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.Both the stories in question have a female, colored protagonist. The two central characters Zuleika and Kambili are also similarly aged – it is their teenage years that are being explored. Even before they reach adulthood they go through enormous upheavals in their lives. Moreover, their stories fit…...
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