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Free essays on Planned Parenthood are scholarly articles and research papers that examine different aspects of Planned Parenthood, including its history, services, controversies, and impact on public health. These essays provide a comprehensive understanding of the organization and its role in providing reproductive healthcare and education to millions of men and women in the United States. They also analyze the legal and political challenges faced by Planned Parenthood and the implications of its defunding for women's health. Free essays on Planned Parenthood are an essential resource for students and researchers interested in reproductive health, women's rights, and public policy.
The Planned Parenthood Political Debate in the United States
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Each year, Planned Parenthood provides "830,000 breast exams, nearly one million cervical cancer screenings, half a million HIV tests, and birth control to 2.5 million patients" (CNN). In a society that places an astounding amount of importance on the need for health/sexual education and resources, it is ironic that many people in this same society would fight to defund Planned Parenthood. Since 1916, Planned Parenthood has provided life-saving services to mainly low-income women or women who have limited access to…...
Planned Parenthood
The Abortion Debate and the Planned Parenthood Movement
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The Abortion Debate One of the most divisive issues in our country is over abortion and a woman's right to choose. There is a large portion of the United States that call themselves "pro-life." Pro-choice movement also known as the United States abortion-rights movement is a sociopolitical movement in the United States supporting the view that a woman should have the legal right to an elective abortion, meaning the right to terminate her pregnancy. Then there'sa planned parenthood movement. Planned…...
Planned Parenthood
Completely End Planned Parenthood
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Ted Cruz is a republican member of the senate representing Texas. He has held this position since 2013 and has recently won in the 2018 race for senate against Beto O'rourke. Ted Cruz has solely republican views. He believes in the termination of Obamacare and payroll taxes. These taxes go towards medicare and social security. His position on abortion is pro-life without exception. Cruz would like to put a total end to planned parenthood. In addition to these views he…...
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The Mission and Impact of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF) to Society
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Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF) is an interest group with the mission of promoting the use and support of Planned Parenthood and its facilities. Its members support affordable healthcare, and sex education. and respect of others' decisions without judgment, all of which are promoted by Planned Parenthood. Its members are widespread and total up to nearly 10 million, as members can simply sign up online and work as volunteers or promoters for the organization Most of the relatively small number…...
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Repeal of the Affordable Care Act
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Bulman: “Planned Parenthood defeated the repeal of the Affordable Care Act three time (which would block Medicaid patients from seeking care at Planned Parenthood.) How has Planned Parenthood been affected by the current administration?” Johnson: “In the first year alone, Trump and his administration have issued a rule that allows employers to deny birth control coverage to employees, undermined teen pregnancy prevention programs, taken away protections for sexual assault survivors and transgender people, pushed abstinence-only programs, and tried to block…...
Affordable Care ActBirth ControlPlanned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood v. Casey
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Sandra Day O’Connor was seen as the most influential justice. She hadn’t taken a stand on Roe v. Wade previously, but leading up to Planned Parenthood v. Casey she, along with Souter, decided that they agreed with the “essence” of the decision made in Roe v. Wade and wanted to strike down the spousal notification provision in the Pennsylvania law. O’Connor and Souter persuaded Kennedy to join their side and obtained the five votes needed to have the decision go…...
Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood of New York City
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This year, 10 million young adults between the ages of 15 and 24 will contract a sexually transmitted disease in the United States. That seems like an extremely high number considering how effective Sexual health educational programs are at preventing these diseases, as proven by the education required in some advanced European countries. New York City Public schools have a population of 1.1 million students, and there is no current policy regarding sex education. A student will only have two…...
Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood Become Vital
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Imagine for a moment you or a family member are struck with an unexpected pregnancy that you are neither financially nor mentally prepared for. Clinics such as Planned Parenthood become vital in situation such as these. Planned Parenthood has improve the lives of many women by providing a safety net for women's health, being economically friendly, and promoting a decrease in the social stigma surrounding abortion. Many women are victims of cohesion or abuse, maybe they feel pressure from their…...
Planned Parenthood
Before Joining Planned Parenthood
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Bulman: “I would like to begin with thanking you again for agreeing to meet with me for an interview. I’m required to get your formal permission before we began, yet let me tell you more information about the project. This interview is being used for a class project on Reproductive Rights, mainly focusing on the demand for Planned Parenthood. The project is for my Health and Physical Education class in Social Issues in Health. I will be sharing information from…...
Planned Parenthood
Abortion Services And Targeted Planned Parenthood
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The issue on abortion has been an ongoing dispute between those who are pro-choice and anti-choice. The biggest issues in resolving this matter is who has say in what is legal or illegal. In 1973 the case Roe vs. Wade was decided by Supreme Courts. The Supreme Court ruled that abortions would be legal in the United States but each state has the power to put restrictions and since the court ruled that abortion would be legal many people have…...
Planned Parenthood
Access to Basic Medical Supplies
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In 2016, more than 44 million people in the United States lived without health care (Key Facts). With insurance prices rising, it can be difficult for people to gain access to basic health related necessities such as STD testing or access to birth control. Planned Parenthood is a government funded organization that attempts to provide people with access to these basic necessities with little to no cost. Under the Affordable Care Act, Planned Parenthood provides a majority of services to…...
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