Planned Parenthood Become Vital

Imagine for a moment you or a family member are struck with an unexpected pregnancy that you are neither financially nor mentally prepared for. Clinics such as Planned Parenthood become vital in situation such as these. Planned Parenthood has improve the lives of many women by providing a safety net for women’s health, being economically friendly, and promoting a decrease in the social stigma surrounding abortion.

Many women are victims of cohesion or abuse, maybe they feel pressure from their husband, their boyfriend, or a member from society to maintain the baby and they do not realize until later that they do not have the option of providing or having a baby.

According to Lussenhop, J. (2018), there was a woman who was heading down on a road trip with her boyfriend, however they had to make a quick stop at a local drug store in order for her to get a pregnancy test, then came to find out she was pregnant and devastated.

She was a full time student and working many jobs to make ends meet. On the other hand, her boyfriend and herself cannot afford to have a child. However, during her road trip she had went to the closest abortion clinic which indeed was Planned Parenthood and she had the right to obtain an abortion. In contrast, if the young woman was not able to connect to a clinic such as Planned Parenthood she would be dommed to do what many other women do which is having a self induced abortion.

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A women has plenty of reasons to have an abortion. The pregnancy can cause many complications to her health or the fetus the women has no way to survive for birth. On the other hand, some women are not ready for a child mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually which includes women who has been sexually assaulted, a victim of incest, or teen pregnancy. Caring for a baby after one of these traumatic incident can also be damaging to a woman mentally and physically. To continue, Planned Parenthood provide essential services for women apart from having an abortion such as birth control pills and exams for their reproductive health, such as contraceptives. It is important for women to have access to these sources in order to prevent them from having an unexpected pregnancy. According to Planned Parenthood (2018) Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest provider for sex education, reaching 1.5 million people a year. Planned Parenthood is a great influence for many women because it help women to understand about their sexuality and healthy sexuality such as sexual decision making, pregnancy prevention, STI and HIV/AIDS prevention, healthy relationships, women dating and violence and decision making.

According to Jena & Jerman (2014) seeked an estimated of 11.2 million women between the ages of fourteen and fifty five uses oral contraceptive pills which is about eighteen percent of women. On behalf of the contraceptive pill within the 18%, 49% of women uses it for more than one reason. 31% of women said they uses the oral contraceptive pill for dysmenorrhea which is the medical term for cramps, 28% of women uses it to regulated there menstrual cycle with excessive bleeding which is the medical term of menorrhagia and can lead to many problems such as anemia which is one of the most biggest threat. Furthermore, the oral contraceptive these women receive can also reduce acne and hair growth which is on the upper lips, lower stomach, and back which is all from Planned Parenthood. Jena & Jerman (2014)

To continue on, Planned Parenthood has affordable health services which includes having access to affordable Care Act. On behalf of the Affordable Care Act there is plenty of options for them to seek medical care in which they cannot afford from a physician office due to the cost. Planned Parenthood still remains important for healthcare in its entirely for women because it helps to provide preventive care for women. Due to financial and economic crisis that some women may be facing Planned Parenthood makes it economic friendly for women. Due to the Affordable Care Act many women were able to access contraceptives, screenings, and health care services. According to Planned Parenthood (2018), more than 55 million women now have birth control without a copay, and helped women save an estimated $1.4 billion on the pill with the Affordable Care. On the other hand, According to Planned Parenthood (2018), Planned Parenthood engaged in a Federal Funding Program which is called Title X, if a women does not have health care Planned Parenthood makes it cost effective for women who cannot pay for their health and reproductive services. On contrast, Planned Parenthood helps illegal women by providing charity donation in order for them to pay for their services due to not having health care or insurance by working with payment plans in order for them to receive treatment and services while they are at risk of having financial crisis.

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