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How to Make the Most of Your SelfDirected IRAPreparing for
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How to Make the Most of Your Self-Directed IRAPreparing for retirement is one of the most important things that anyone can do financially in their life. It requires a lot of planning and time to put together an account in just the right way so you can retire and maintain the level of comfort you have become used to during your working life.What is an IRA?An IRA (Independent Retirement Account) is a retirement account you set up for yourself that…...
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An Annuity Stream Of Cash Flow Payments Is A Set Of
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Bal. Your grandmother invested one lump sum 17 years ago at 4. 25 percent interest. Today, she gave you the proceeds of that investment which totaled $5,539. 92. How much did your grandmother originally invest? A. B. D. E. $2,700. 00 $2,730. 30 $2,750. 00 $2,768. 40 $2,774. 90 Forty years ago, your father invested $2,500. Today that investment is worth $107,921. What is the average rate of return your father earned on his investment? 8. 50 percent 9. 33…...
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Managing Personal Finance
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Due to the current economy and credit card-oriented lifestyle, it is vital to understand the importance regarding management of personal finances. Having a budget, ensuring debt is being paid off, readying an emergency fund, preparing for the college education of children, and saving for retirement are all essential portions in managing personal finances.Because of the mass amount of people in debt there are a decreasing number of individuals who are prepared for retirement. Managing finances is simply being a good…...
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How to Make the Most of Your SelfDirected IRAPreparing for
...Opening a self-directed IRA is a good way to invest your money. It is a secure way to balance a retirement portfolio that will be strong no matter what is going on in the world. Your portfolio will grow fast over time and with your account well balan...
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