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About Bernie Madoff: Infamous Financial Fraud Manager
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Bernie Madoff in his infamous financial fraud managed to influence thousands of investors to give out their savings promising them that they would receive consistent profits in return. One of the major networks that played a major role in Madoff’s scheme is the fact that he had established strong social relations. Social relation is often considered a major condition for building trust among those you are working with. Madoff was therefore a well-respected financier through his multimillion-dollar foundation. He engaged…...
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The Close Relationship Between Technology and Fraud
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Technology like anything else in life has its positive and negatives, but unlike anything else, it has continued to evolve and enhance those positive and negatives. Society has a love affair with technology that continues to test every aspect of society’s norms and values along with business practices. Not only has technology made normal interaction obsolete, but it has even made fraud impersonal and easier to complete with no human interaction. Society continues to make strides and advance within the…...
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Credit card fraud study
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With the extensive use of credit cards, fraud appears as a major issue in the credit card business. It is hard to have some figures on the impact of fraud, since companies and banks do not like to disclose the amount of losses due to frauds. At the same time, public data are scarcely available for confidentiality issues, leaving unanswered many questions about what is the best strategy. Another problem in credit-card fraud loss estimation is that we can measure the loss…...
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