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Our Day Out Willy Russell
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Willy Russell wrote our Day out in 1977. The story is set in a working class area in Liverpool. The theme of this story is about a group of academically challenged children who go on a trip. The school is an inner city comprehensive school and many of the children come from poor or single parent families. The story tells us the troubles that the children and teachers come across. We also see changes in people’s characters, we see how…...
Our Day OutSmoking
Scouse Accent Generator
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This sample paper on Scouse Accent Generator offers a framework of relevant facts based on recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body, and conclusion of the paper below.There are many ways in which Willy Russell uses comedy and pathos in “our day out” to entertain or to influence his audience and make them consider social and educational issues of the time in which the play was set. The social issues we are asked to consider include inner…...
Our Day Out
Character of Mr Briggs in Our Day Out
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At the beginning of ‘Our Day Out’ the character of Mr. Briggs is told to ‘keep an eye on things. ‘ At this point we don’t know a great deal about him apart from the fact that he acts a bit like a spy. Briggs addresses the pupils on the coach to sit down and his first words are typical of a strict teacher:’ Reilly. Dickson. Sit down! ‘ It shows it will not be easy for the pupils to…...
Our Day Out
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The importance of scene 35 (the cliff scene) in Willy Russell’s Our Day Out
Words • 2963
Pages • 12
A class from a school in Liverpool set off for a school trip to a castle in Wales. Four teachers and a class seems normal and this play is basically about an every day school trip kids getting told off on the bus all seems normal. But when they arrive in Wales (after stopping off at a service station) it all turns wired, the kids.... 'revolt' and the teachers take sides with them. The only 'sane' one left is Mr.…...
Our Day Out
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