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Trying to Explain Tragedy in Oedipus the King, a Play by Sophocles
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Sophocles' Oedipus the King tells the tale of Oedipus, the King of Thebes, who became king by marrying the widow of the previous king, Laius. From Oedipus, I studied the passage from line 249 to line 322. In an effort to "make sense" of the passage, I was able to recognize inconsistencies between what Oedipus was saying and the common beliefs of the time, which would distort the passage's meaning if read out of context. The passage is written in…...
Oedipus The King
Female Playwrights & Fate in Spanish Plays
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The Spanish Golden Age and La Vida es Sueno According to Wilson and Goldfarb, there were several recognized women playwrights during the Spanish Golden Age (p. 201. Of them, the works of six are fairly well known. Unfortunately, of these women playwrights, the only one of whom we know much about is Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. Juana was a nun (Sor means sister in Spanish), a scholar, and a writer of many genres. It is said that she…...
Oedipus The King
The Messages of Sophocles in Oedipus the King
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I think Sophocles message to his audience was that fate is very important and that the gods control what goes on in your life. You will always fulfill your fate but when, depends on your actions you take in life. The gods do not control everything that you do in life but they set up your fate before you are born. No matter what you do to stop your fate it will not work; it may take longer to get…...
Oedipus The King
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The Blessing and Curse in Oedipus the King, a Play by Sophocles
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Oedipus is the problem and the solution in Sophocles's "Oedipus the King." Actions of his from the past negatively affect his present life and entire city. While on his way to the city of Thebes, Oedipus encountered and murdered a man who he did not know. He then proceeded to marry the Queen, Jocasta, as she recently became a widow. Oedipus's actions unknowingly fulfilled his destiny, and upset the god Apollo. The city of Thebes was cursed until the murderer…...
Oedipus The King
Sophocles Use of Syntax and Diction in Oedipus the King
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Oedipus Diction and Syntax Response Sophocles proves how the gods have ultimate control over ones fate through the strategic use of syntax and diction. The punctuation is a vital tool to make the reader relate to the character. The select words persuade the reader to side with the character, even though they do not want to. Fear? What should a man fear? It's all chance, chance rules our lives. Not a man on earth can see a day ahead, groping…...
Oedipus The King
Oedipus and the Perfect Tragedy
Words • 909
Pages • 4
The Golden Standard of Tragedies: Oedipus the King Aristotle was a Greek philosopher, a former student of Plato, and teacher in philosophy. As an important Western philosopher, he influenced many scholars and philosophers work. Aristotle wrote The Poetics in 350 B.C., which lists and explains the requirements for a good tragedy. Aristotle mentions several plays in The Poetics; however, it is clear Oedipus the King stands alone in Aristotle's estimation because it fulfills most of Aristotle's criteria for a good…...
Oedipus The King
Oedipus: Themes & Devices
Words • 1396
Pages • 6
Oedipus the King is a popular Greek play also known by its Latin title Oedipus Rex. Oedipus was written by Sophocles and was first performed in 429 BC. Over the thousands of years since its publication, Oedipus the King has been reviewed and analyzed by several renowned scholars who have all conceded that it is one of the best tragic drama pieces that draw their descent from ancient Greece (Rao, Wolf and Sophocles.). The current paper is a critical review…...
Oedipus The King
An Analysis of Physical and Mental Blindness in Oedipus the King by Sophocles
Words • 869
Pages • 4
In Sophocles' Oedipus the King, the running theme of blindness--whether physical or mental, unknowing or willful-- takes center stage throughout the play. The main character Oedipus is completely oblivious (blind) to the mess his life has become until, ironically, he actually physically blinds himself. His father, King Laius of Thebes tosses the baby Oedipus out after hearing a bleak prophecy from an oracle. Laius is told that his son will murder him and marry his own mother, Jocasta. Oedipus, after…...
Oedipus The King
A Modern Reenactment of Oedipus the King by Sophocles
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Pages • 5
Theater has been around for thousands of years for the purpose of entertaining an audience. Plays have a way of capturing a crowd and releasing them from their current reality where they are then placed into the universe of the characters in the show. From the first play in Greece to those showing in New York City, plays have been altered throughout their history. At Randolph we have taken it upon ourselves to try to close the gap between ancient…...
Oedipus The King
Greek Theatre Transformation and Oedipus Theme
Words • 959
Pages • 4
Classical Greek theatres didn't look much different from what you might expect today in their layout. The main parts included the skene, what we might call backstage today, the orchestra, what we call the stage, the theatron (audience), and the parados, what we consider the entrance (Wilson and Goldfarb, 44. One of the notable differences from what we might expect in a theatre is that in classical Greece, the orchestra (stage) was round. Nearly every angle of the performance was…...
Oedipus The King
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