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This happened while I was in the Mendocino National Forest. My friend Kyle and I were trying to get up into a flat area above the tree line and we got there really late thanks to him not being ready to go so we were really pushing it up the trail trying to make camp before dark. Kile hikes way faster than I do, so he got way out ahead of me by, and by the time I got to…...
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1st Essay Sample on Into the Woods "Into the Woods" "Into the Woods was simply an amazing theatrical performance! The play combined suspense ,excitement, and fascinatingly realistic set design to captivate the audience. Half way through this play I found myself and my classmates thinking "Wow! What a play! How could anyone dream up such a crazy idea and turn it into a production?" I think this is thefirst time that I have been taken to this level of astonishment.…...
Into The Woods
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