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Shakespeare: It Analytical Paper
Words • 2064
Pages • 9
BBC Television Shakespeare’s: As You Like It, was released in 1978. This was a screenplay written by William Shakespeare. In Lecture 9: Sex and Genderbending, we learned that Crossdressing was written into the script to tackle the issue of “Performing” masculinity in the play. Genderbending was an occasional theme in Shakespeare’s plays. This film tells the story of Rosalind, who disguises herself as a man on a mission to find her banished father, Duke Senior, in the forest of Arden…...
As You Like ItWilliam Shakespeare
The Deep On Blue
Words • 1797
Pages • 8
The monstrous beast’s long white fangs sunk deep into my leg. I screamed as loud as I’ve ever screamed before. The pain was unforgiving as I slashed around violently, trying to get free. I could feel the pain spreading through my body when suddenly everything went black… “Ahh!” I screamed panting heavily. I woke up in a cold sweat. My pillow was slightly damp and cold but my face was warm. My room was completely dark except for the slight…...
As You Like ItSurfing
“As You Like It” – One of the Most Mature Comedies by William Shakespeare
Words • 1206
Pages • 5
Rosalind and Celia respond to the antics of their fathers positively, by promising to each other that they'll stand by each other religiously through the hard times that are facing them, causing them both to flee from the court together. This united type behavior form the cousins shows the audience that this love is extremely solid and their love for each other is cannot be doubted. This is shown when Celia responds to her fathers actions by saying to Rosalind…...
As You Like It
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