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A Discussion About the Theme of Realism in My Antonia
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My Antonia is a book about realism of the late 19th and early 20th century. The Webster's Dictionary defines Realism as "Picturing and seeing people and things as they really are." That is what this book does; it shows "people as they really are." It does not glamorize what pioneer life was like. It tells us the hardships that these people dealt with, and gives us the sense of the meaning of family and friendship they had. Because without friends…...
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An Analysis of Willa Cather’s My Antonia
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In everybody's life, there is always someone that has a greater influence on him or her more than anyone else would. In Willa Catheri's My Antonia, Antonia Shimerda is that person in Jim Burden's life. I'd have liked to have you for a sweetheart, or a wife, or my mother or my sister-anything that a woman can be to a man. The idea of you is a part of my mind; you influence my likes and dislikes, all my tastes,…...
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An Analysis of My Antonia by Willa Cather
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Pages • 4
My Ántonia, by Willa Cather, illustrates pioneer life narrated through the eyes of Jim Burden. Throughout the novel he continually places Ántonia, his dearest childhood companion, at the center of his prospective memory. A combination of Ántonia's company with majestic descriptions of the Nebraska prairie forms the basis of Jim's nostalgic recollection that comprises My Ántonia. Just as history tends to repeat itself, certain patterns also emerge in Jim's memory, events parallel to one another that define his experience and…...
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Jim Burden’s Unsuccessful Growth as an Individual in “My Antonia”
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Characters in novels often experience an epiphany that occurs during their evolution throughout the novel. However, the epiphany takes time or may not even occur at all. This slow process is evident in the novel, My Antonia. Jim Burden, the main protagonist in the story has a difficult time growing as an individual. At the beginning of the novel, he is unsure of himself and passive whereas his friend, Antonia shows a bright, passionate energy. As Jim grows in age,…...
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Themes of Love and Memories in Willa Cather’s Story My Antonia
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Pages • 3
In My Antonia by Willa Cather, Jim Burden tells the story of his friendship with Antonia Shimerda, a Bohemian girl living on a farm in Nebraska. After becoming an orphan at ten years old, Jim travels from Virginia to Black Hawk, Nebraska to live on his grandparent's farm. The Shimerdas, who live on the neighboring farm, quickly befriend Jim and his grandparents. Throughout the novel, Jim experiences awakenings that teach him about himself and the people who surround him. After…...
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Literary Criticisms on My Antonia
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Pages • 2
Many times, different literary critics have opposing views on the same aspect of a novel. My Antonia is a great example of this. While one critic, David Daiches, calls the book "flawed by the inclusion of irrelevant [...] material", another critic, Randolph Bourne, says the exact opposite; that the novel has been “patiently shaped until everything irrelevant has been scraped away". The last few paragraphs of Chapter 13 are an excellent way to show how these critics could have such…...
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