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On the 26th day of February last 2018 President Rodrigo
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On the 26th day of February last 2018, President Rodrigo Duterte delivered a speech about the inauguration of the Armscor Shooting Range Davao Branch in Davao City. The president’s speech drawn laughter to the audience, brought violence to women and stated to be vulgar, sexist and misogynist according to the Women’s Group of Gabriela in which acted and raise their flags to speak up with regards the said speech or remarks of the president. We are insensible of the things…...
LaughterMisogynySexismWarWorld War 2
Gender In Othello
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The following academic paper highlights the up-to-date issues and questions of Gender In Othello. This sample provides just some ideas on how this topic can be analyzed and discussed. Language Is, arguably, the primary defining feature that separates humanity from the rest of the animal kingdom. It has allowed the classification of our known universe. And the subsequent formation of an abstract body of collective intelligence. Language also has the power to persuade and seduce, which has resulted in a…...
GenderGender RolesIdentityLanguageMisogynyOthello
As such maternity is perhaps the defining trait of Gileadean
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As such, maternity is perhaps the defining trait of Gileadean women, fundamental to others’ perception of them, and to their sense of self-worth. It is arguable that Atwood exaggerates elements such as fertility within the novel due to its didactic stance as a form of predictive fiction which aims to inspire change. However, ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ also suggests the reduction of the female to the maternal role, despite its entirely different autobiographical genre. Throughout the novel, women are completely…...
FeminismFictionMisogynyNovelThe Handmaid'S Tale
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Motifs In Hamlet
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The play Hamlet by Shakespeare revolves around the actions of royal characters and how these serve to shape the lives of the ordinary people. Acts II and III of the play aptly bring out this motif as the ruling class exploits the lower ones to achieve their own ends. In the play, Shakespeare chiefly uses Hamlet’s misogynistic comments towards people of lower class around him to illustrate this social schism.  Prince Hamlet is the principal perpetrator of misogyny in the…...
Leda And The Swan Theme
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The background of Yeats’ poem “Leda and the Swan” is both intricate and central to the development of Yeats’ poetic vision and his poetic voice. Although the original impetus for the poem’s composition, according to Yeats, was political, the poem as it evolved to completion concerns itself much more with myth and the human religious impulse than with overt political themes. However, a political interpretation of the poem, specifically one which takes as its departure point, the evident gender-specific themes…...
A Farewell To Arms Essay Topics
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After completing A Farewell to Arms. I found it hard to accommodate Judith Fetterley’s feminist onslaught of the novel with my ain personal sentiments. I agree that Hemingway does kick adult females to the kerb in his portraiture of Catherine. but my grounds for traping this offense on Hemingway are different from hers’ . Although she means good. Fetterley makes the pathetic claim that by portraying Catherine as an angelic. altruistically loving “woman to stop all adult females. ” Hemingway…...
A Farewell To ArmsBook SummaryErnest HemingwayMisogyny
Wife of Bath
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Today most feminists commonly depict the Wife of Bath from Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, as the ideal model for the feminist literary figure. However, contrary to that belief, I feel that both the Wife of Bath and Chaucer himself are just a well-disguised example of the antifeminist views of the fourteen century. To some modern day feminist critics, like Carolyn Dinshaw, Chaucer was protofeminist, a writer ahead of his time, who used the medium of literature to speak out against…...
Book SummaryFeminismGeoffrey ChaucerMisogynyRapeThe Canterbury Tales
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