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Jimmy Carter’s “Crisis of Confidence” Rhetorical Analysis
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In Jimmy Carter’s “Crisis of Confidence” speech there are many forms of rhetoric embedded. Some of those included are pathos. He uses these to convince his audience of what to do in regards to the current energy crisis. In trying to affect the emotions of the citizens, the first thing Carter does is shaming and guilting the audience into thinking that the main cause of the energy crisis is the people’s fault and the people’s fault alone. He states the…...
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Rhetorical Analysis Rough Draft
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This Rhetorical Analysis of “Make This Natural treasure a National Monument”, written for the New York Times by Jimmy Carter, published on December 29th, 2000, will explain how the author used genre, presence, resemblance arguments, connotations, and evidence.Although Alaska is known for its beautiful scenery and diverse wildlife, it is also known for its considerable number of oilfields. During the presidential race of 2000, the debate of what should happen to all the potential oil rigs was prevalent. Many House…...
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Jimmy Carter Essay
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Jimmy Carter became the thirty-ninth President of the United States of America on January 20, 1977. During his Presidency, he fulfilled campaign promises to develop a national energy program, protect the nation's natural resources and aid education. The Egypt-Israeli Treaty of Peace and the Panama Canal Treaty gained the president worldwide recognition. Out of all the parts of Carter's Foreign Policy, the two parts I found most interesting was human rights, and the strengthened ties with China. Out of the…...
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