Racial Issues And Slavery

He grew up where there was a lot of racial problems and slavery what kind of “thing”? was still a thing. He was very upset with the actions of his peers and decided years later that he wanted to be a upstander. “ Dees witnessed crowds of white people — including ku klux klan — verbally and physically harass Autherine Lucy, a classmate who was the first African American to attend the University of Alabama. The seen revolted Dees and would resonate with him in the years to come.

” He became very serious about that topic especially because his parents imparted strong christian values and he had regular warm interactions with African American families. That was one of the main points he became a upstander for the vulnerable. In the quote he explains how the klan was a part of it, and i’m positive off the films I watched the did more than verbally and physically abuse this girl. Dees doesn’t really go into detail about his era other than he picked up the extra cotton and sold it for money and that the girl was the reason he started his organization.

He really took it to heart because his parents were strong christian believers and believed that there shouldn’t be slavery and Dees also wanted to help the vulnerable. His “Southern Poverty Law Center is dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry and to seeking justice for the vulnerable members of our society.” Dees was really passionate about getting help for the people that are struggling to the people of power.

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Dees like I mentioned earlier that he gained one of his main points from the girl that was verbally and physically abused. One of his works was that he helped integrate the YMCA organization. Dees was a prominent democratic fund raiser for the presidential candidate George McGovern, president Jimmy Carter, and Senator Ted Kennedy. He takes pride in donating and helping out and you can see that by the actions he takes. His first encounter with true injustice was when he was going to the university of Alabama. He seen Autherine Lucy being verbally and physically abused. He didn’t take action right away but he thought of it for years to come. I guess it lingered with him for the years until he finally decided to do something about it. Once he finally decided to do something about it he kept on giving. He donated to many charities and man y events and even created a law center to fight the injustice of society.

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