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Free essays on Hispanic are academic papers that discuss various aspects of Hispanic culture, history, and society. These essays offer insights into the contributions of Hispanics to literature, art, music, science, politics, and other fields. They also explore the challenges and issues that Hispanic communities face, such as inequality, discrimination, immigration, and identity politics. Free essays on Hispanic often provide a valuable resource for students, scholars, and anyone interested in learning more about the Hispanic culture and its numerous contributions to society.
Diversity and Social Justice Paper
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Pages • 9
There are roughly 58 million Latinos/Hispanics currently residing in the United States (Flores, 2017). Making up 17 percent of the population, Latino/Hispanic Americans are the second-largest ethnic group in the United States, after non-Hispanic whites (Sue et al., 2016). This makes them the majority minority, as their population is over 4 percent larger than African Americans (Sue et al., 2016). With a 2 percent average annual growth rate, they are also the second-fastest growing population, trailing Asian Americans who have…...
Contraceptive use higher in Non-Hispanic White women
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Pages • 7
Non-Hispanic white women are 50% more likely to use a form of contraception than Latino women in the same age group. Within this set of young Hispanic women almost 80% of the pregnancies that occur are not planned, which isn’t shocking due to the routine usage of contraception, or lack thereof. Many studies believe the amount unexpected pregnancies within the young Hispanic population would decrease drastically if the young women were further informed on the topic of contraception. “Hispanic adolescents…...
Hispanic Culture
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Pages • 6
On a day to day basis within the medical field, it is likely to encounter patients from a variation of ethnical and cultural backgrounds. Within each culture, there are beliefs, values, traditions, and maybe even rituals that shape their expectations and actions regarding medical care. It is imperative as a healthcare professional to know how to work specifically with people from each one of these cultures, in order to gain trust and provide adequate care based off of and according…...
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Article Review for Kinesiology 
Words • 485
Pages • 2
There is no secret that in today’s time, Americans are faced with a concerning rise in levels of obesity in which all ages, ethnicities, geographic regions, and socioeconomic groups are affected. Childhood obesity is a major health concern for the United States Government and has influenced several many programming interventions and policies. However, it seems that in some cases such as the case conducted in Trends in Early Childhood Obesity in a Large Urban School District in the Southwestern United…...
Hispanics and Cardiovascular Disease
Words • 1037
Pages • 5
Cardiovascular disease is the 2nd largest cause of death among the Hispanic community in the United States followed by Cancer and is the leading cause of death in the United States for all other populations. (Balfour, Ruiz, Talavera, Allison, & Rodriguez, 2016) Finding a solution to the cause can prevent further risks of an already growing mortality due to these diseases. Health care professionals and doctors initiate a form of trust through communication by learning Spanish or working alongside interpreters…...
El Museo del Barrio
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Pages • 3
Alyssa RichardsProfesora Elizabeth LeffageSpanish 1154 October 2018El Museo Del Barrio During Hispanic heritage month, I went to visit El Museo del Barrio. El Museo del Barrio is an art exhibit displaying the history and urban of the Hispanic communities throughout the united states. Initially. I thought El Museo del Barrio was a museum of history with artifacts, but to my surprise, it was an art museum reflecting the current economy and struggles of the Hispanic communities compared to the 1960s…...
Beliefs and Traditions That Influence Latinos
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Pages • 3
The Hispanic culture is very strong on family and religion. The religion that they follow is Roman Catholicism. In this religion, the man is the protector, provider, and decision-maker for the family. The woman is the primary force that holds the family and home together. Spiritual and religious beliefs play a huge role in daily life, health, and illness. The Sick person will use prayer first, then if that doesn’t help they go to a folk person (someone who people…...
Culture In The Philippines Essay
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Pages • 4
The culture of the Philippines reflects the country’s complex history. It is a blend of the Malayo-Polynesian and Hispanic cultures, with influences from Indian and Chinese. The Philippines was first settled by Melanesians; today, although few in numbers, they preserve a very traditional way of life and culture. After them, the Austronesians or more specifically, Malayo-Polynesians, arrived on the islands. Today the Austronesian culture is very evident in the ethnicity, language, food, dance and almost every aspect of the culture. These Austronesians engaged in trading with China, India, Japan, the Ryukyu islands, the Middle East, Borneo,…...
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