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An Analysis of Sex and Gender as a Social Marker
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This week's readings focused on a different social marker of difference - sex and gender. While they introduce new concepts and examples, the themes are similar to those found in previous readings. Categories such as race and sex are socially constructed, and it's important to understand the consequences of this categorization. Foucault begins with the Victorian repression of sexuality in the public sphere. This was supposed to hush up discussion about sex and sexuality, but ironically it opened up discussion…...
GenderGender IdentityGender Identity Disorder
A Discussion on the Flexibility of Social Sexual Norms
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Social sexual norms vary greatly between different cultures; what may be accepted in one culture could be considered a crime worth death in another. This variation seems to correlate with what is considered morally correct for that culture. Flanagan and Cardwell state: "If we define abnormality in terms of deviation from social norms, we open the door to definitions that rely on prevailing social morals and attitudes” (2005). Here, the definition of abnormality is parallel to social sexual norms in…...
GenderGender IdentityGender Identity Disorder
How Gender Identity Disorder Is Not a Disorder
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I want to talk about gender issues. The definition of gender identity disorder is a condition in which there is a discrepancy between an individual's assigned sex and gender identity, involving a strong and persistent identification with the other gender. Now this makes no sense to me so in my terms gender issues have to deal with same sex partners, transsexuals, and people who want a sex change. This book can say what ever it wants to but the author…...
Dissociative Identity DisorderGender Identity Disorder
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An Overview of Gender Identity Disorder
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Gender Identity Disorder, also known as Gender Dysphoria, is a formal diagnosis used by doctors and psychologists for people who consider themselves to be transgendered (transexual). These individuals are not content with their biological sex and/or the normal gender roles associated with their biological sex. They usually present themselves as what the opposite of their biological sex, some going as far as to have reconstructive surgery (ie, biological females remove breasts, biological males are castrated). This disorder has recently gained…...
GenderGender IdentityGender Identity Disorder
A New Understanding Of The Normal And The Ordinary
Words • 1945
Pages • 8
The one, dependable constant in life changes. Change can be seen in how humans have progressed from hunter-gatherers to farmers, monarchical governments to democracies, accepting those ethnically different, and gender and identity. As humanity expands its knowledge of the gender binary (male or female), new understandings of gender and identity come to the mainstream, what the majority deems normal and conventional. Since the late 1800s, society has grown its understanding of transgender, individuals born of one sex but identify as…...
Gender Identity Disorder
Gender Identity Paper
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When it comes to gender identity in today’s world, people now around the world have the right to choose what gender they want to identify as and choose how they want to appear either physically or mentally. Some people do not consider this a one-time chance, as they have chosen to change their gender identity throughout the years. Gender identity can be described as modern freedom, as it has not been long ago since society has accepted anyone who would…...
Gender Identity Disorder
The Boys are Not Crying
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Boys Don’t Cry is a 1999 film directed by Kimberly Peirce telling the story of Brandon Teena (born Teena Brandon) a transgender man who was brutally killed in Fall City, Nebraska. Teena Brandon was born December 12, 1972, in Lincoln, Nebraska to be raised by her single mother because her father died in a car accident before her being born (Sloop, 2000) After suffering from years of sexual molestation by a male family member Teena began taking on a male…...
Gender Identity Disorder
Pedophilia: Disorder, Not Crime” by Margot Kaplan
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“Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime” is an article written by Margo Kaplan and published in the New York Times. The author of this article chose to use this platform to garner attention on the “psychiatric disorder” in which an adult or older adolescent experiences sexual feelings toward prepubescent children. As the title suggests, she thinks that pedophilia is a mental disorder. I abhorrently disagree with the ideas proposed in this article. Not only in the case of pedophiles but…...
Gender Identity Disorder
How Does Gender Expression Link with Sexuality and Public
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Another important term was private/public binary and this addresses the way one lives their life privately and for public consumption. As mentioned in module one’s lecture one powerpoint, one person’s gender expression may match that person’s gender identity, they do not always, sometimes it hides the person’s gender identity, and acceptance of this is the area of our lives that needs to change. An important fact about binaries is that they require each other to exist. Therefore, if everyone lived…...
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How Gender Identity Disorder Is Not a Disorder
...In conclusion, This chapter is very controversial because of the topic. I personally do not think this is a disorder but a child could be thought of as having a disorder. Many children have a hard time dealing with the...
How Does Gender Expression Link with Sexuality and Public
...In conclusion, it appears any version of a female, whether a person is a female biologically, or a male whose gender express is more feminine they are considered weaker and always less than a man. A person’s true value should not be interpreted or ...
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