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Tic Tac Toe Paper
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– Tln01nga goal ? weak methods: depth-first search (DFS), breadth-first search (BFS), constraint satisfaction (CSP) ? strong methods: use ‘heuristics’, A* search s goal nodes Tic Tac Toe Playing Strategies Two players human computer. The objective is to write a computer program in such a way that computer wins most of the time. Three approaches are presented to play this game which increase in – Complexity – Use of generalization – Clarity of their knowledge – Extensibility of their approach…...
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How To Write An Economics Personal Statement
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Although economics seems to be a very demanding discipline but still many people find themselves attracted to it. By pursuing a degree in economics students who are attracted to this subject are able to examine it in more detail and they are able to explore different sorts of interesting and complex topics in great length such as game theory, aggregate demand and supply, compound interest, stochastic dominance, etc.Essay Example on How To Write An Economics Personal Statement An economics personal…...
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Negotiation in the Workplace
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Negotiation in the Workplace Introduction Within the office setting, time keeping and efficiency in performing duties is an important aspect of being an employee. The supervisors also carefully assess these and other duties to make conclusion on the level of employee productivity. When employees fail to deliver on their time schedules and productivity, it causes conflicts within the workplace especially between the supervisor and employees. The situation concerns two main people: Lisa and Marion. In this case study, there are…...
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How To Write An Economics Personal Statement
...Carry out a detailed research on the educational institute which you are applying to. Many institutes ask the applicants why they seek admission in their academy. By doing a comprehensive research on the academy you will be able to answer them what m...
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