How To Write An Economics Personal Statement

Although economics seems to be a very demanding discipline but still many people find themselves attracted to it. By pursuing a degree in economics students who are attracted to this subject are able to examine it in more detail and they are able to explore different sorts of interesting and complex topics in great length such as game theory, aggregate demand and supply, compound interest, stochastic dominance, etc.

Essay Example on How To Write An Economics Personal Statement

An economics personal statement is an essential part of admission as required by the admission board of any college.

Applicants are expected to write and submit an impressive personal statement detailing what are their interests, why they want to pursue the field of economics and what makes them a good fit for their academia.

In the following tips you will learn about some important elements that makes a personal statement an impressive and compelling one.

Write unique statements

It is very important that you give accurate answers to the questions that are asked in the personal statement.

It is not unusual for a student to post the applications to several academies and it is possible that each application may have some similar questions. However, it is advisable that the student must use a slightly different statement for every application. Again, make sure that the answer is accurate and to the point.

Describe yourself in an effective manner

Keep in mind that a personal statement is used by the admission board to assess students for their college.

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Therefore, it is important that you demonstrate your experience, traits or qualities in an effective manner. Check out some sample personal statements in order to get an idea how a personal statement is written and prepare a unique statement. Keep the statement fresh, interesting and unique in order to retain the interest of the admission board.

Keep your statement specific

It is important to keep the statement specific and answer only what is asked. When you state that you would make an expert market analyst, you have to support such claim with particular reasons or proof. Demonstrate your general knowledge of economics or international market to the committee to back up your claims.

Make your opening interesting

It is also essential that the opening of the personal statement should be unique and interesting. Admission board oftentimes gets bored with reading uninteresting statements and naturally they don’t pay must attention to such statements. So in order to get their attention you need to start your statement with an interesting statement or sentence.

Tell them about yourself

In the body of the personal statement, discuss about your interests, hobbies and other necessary things which you think needs the attention of the committee.

Carry out some research

Carry out a detailed research on the educational institute which you are applying to. Many institutes ask the applicants why they seek admission in their academy. By doing a comprehensive research on the academy you will be able to answer them what makes them different from rest of the academic institutes.

Write an attractive economics personal statement by following the aforementioned tips.

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