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Quayside Container Crane QCC are used to transport container from
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Quayside Container Crane ( QCC ) are used to transport container from boats to trucks. Over the last few years, some of them were damaged by earthquake such as Kone Rolle or Kobe, so it is a huge issue to understand how they were damaged and to create new QCC able to resist to earthquake. Manufacturing a QCC is difficult because of the geometry of some pieces which was complicated to reduce in equal proportions. Methods used to compensate this…...
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Do Natural Disasters Bring Out The Best in People
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The essay sample on Bring Out The Best dwells on its problems, providing shortened but comprehensive overview of basic facts and arguments related to it. To read the essay, scroll down. The media keep disaster in the forefront of our minds. TV, radio and the front pages of the press seem to revel in disaster because the public have a morbid curiosity in it, provided that it happens to other people. Disaster boosts TV ratings and sells newspapers. As we…...
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Advantages Of Environmental Risk Assessment
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The following academic paper highlights the up-to-date issues and questions of Advantages Of Environmental Risk Assessment. This sample provides just some ideas on how this topic can be analyzed and discussed. What are the advantages and disadvantages of environmental risk management? Advantages: 1. Better strategy of company. Through the environmental risk management, we are going to have a better understanding on the environment, which may make have a better decision making on company strategy. Usually, if we know a place…...
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Research Paper Earthquakes
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WHY WAS THE GUJARAT EARTHQUAKE MORE DESTRUCTIVE THAN THE SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE? In 1989 an earthquake hit San Francisco, on the west coast of USA, killing around 63 people. Twelve years later an earthquake hit Gujarat, in India. This time it killed approximately 20,000 people. In this report I will be comparing the two earthquakes, giving reasons why the Gujarat earthquake was so much more destructive than the one in San Francisco. An earthquake is a movement or tremor in…...
Got Questions God
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Why do most of the people question God and asks “why? “ after a disaster or tragedy strikes? I chose this as my research question, because until now, many people are still questioning God about these natural disasters, terrorist attacks and tragic accidents that are happening. And i‘m still curious about it. For example, when a loved one dies, people asks “why? “. “Why? “. It is heartbreaking to see how much sorrow and pain can be packed into this…...
DisasterEarthquakeGodNatural DisasterTragedy
Population Distribution And Density Essay
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The world distribution of population is as important as the world distribution of areas of tectonic activity in predicting the hazards of volcanic activity. Discuss this statement (40 marks) A hazard is a danger or risk and a natural disaster deals out a great number. It can be hypothesised that the greatest hazards posed by natural disasters are upon humans, so in knowing where populations are located we can predict the risks of volcanic activity. Hence, it appears common sense…...
EarthquakeNatural DisasterNatural EnvironmentOverpopulationPopulationRisk
Cherokee Analysis
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The advert denotes a jeep on rough terrain driving past a wooden shack. The scene is set in the countryside where nothing can be seen for miles. The writing takes up a small amount of the whole page, which shows the advertisers, want you to concentrate on the jeep rather then the text. The anchor on the advert could be interpreted in different ways to the intended one. ‘8 on the Richter scale’ shows the jeep is powerful and can blow…...
Carter Hawley Hale
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FROM: Maria Elena Cruz Controller for Carter Hawley Hale Stores TO: Surani Vincent Chief Financial Officer of Carter Hawley Hale Stores SUBJECT: Recommendation as to the proper reporting of the earthquake damage costs in the income statement for the year ending August 4, 1990. DATE: October 27, 2010 The Emporium division of Carter Hawley Hale Stores (CHHS) suffered extensive damage due to the 7. 1 richter scale earthquake that hit the San Francisco Bay Area on October 17, 1989. The…...
Megathrust Earthquake
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Chile is hit by what is called a megathrust temblor. Chile lies on a convergence or destructive home base boundary. This means that to different home bases, in this instance the Nacza home base ( an pelagic home base ) and the South-American home base, travel towards each other. In this boundary, the home bases move with an mean velocity of 80 millimeter every twelvemonth. The Nacza home base is heavier because it ‘s an pelagic home base. Pressure makes…...
Bangladesh Earthquake History
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An earthquake is a sudden, rapid shaking of the Earth caused by the release of energy stored in rocks. It is a natural phenomenon like rain. Earthquakes have occurred for billions of years. Descriptions as old as recorded history show the significant effects they have had on people’s lives. Long before there were scientific theories for the cause of earthquakes, people around the world created folklore to explain them. In simple terms, earthquakes are caused by the constant motion of…...
Disadvantages Of Nuclear Waste
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Nuclear Pros and Cons A seemingly ideal action, Yucca Mountain is 100 miles outside of Lass Vegas, with the nearest humans 15 miles away (Hansen, 2001). However, many environmentalists and Nevada residents have grave reservations about putting the permanent storage at Yucca Mountain, citing concerns such as waste transportation dangers, geological instability, and the inability of the site to store all of the United States waste. They feel this is a hasty decision that is political in nature (Hansen, 2001).…...
EarthquakeEnergyNuclear EnergyNuclear Power
Money Matters: Cost of Repairs After Earthquake
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Even though more than four decades had passed, the reaction is an understandably common one: panic and fear. Yet it can be argued that those who experienced the earthquake in 1989 were in a much better position in the aftermath of the disaster. The Stanford News reported that, Stanford survived its second major earthquake with far less destruction than was wrought in 1906, when two persons died and press reports implied that the campus was in total ruin […]. Essay…...
Thearotical Approach And Literature Review
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THEAROTICAL APPROACH AND LITERATURE REVIEW2.1 IntroductionNumerous tremors hit distinctive urban communities on the planet consistently and lead to expansive harms in the local units, building and frameworks. Many societies lose their lives as a delayed concern of these tremors (and even weighty seizures all over) while thousands lose their homes. The demolition that brought about by the tremor established that even considered quake safe structures were not really safe when seismic removal surpassed the evaluated qualities. Scaffolds situated inside seismic…...
Civil EngineeringEarthquakeFrictionLiterature ReviewMaterialsMechanical Engineering
1 INTRODUCTIONIn high seismic risk regions Momentresisting frames
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1. INTRODUCTIONIn high seismic risk regions, Moment-resisting frames are considered to be one of the best choices as they are capable of extensive yielding and plastic deformation, without any loss of strength. In the conventional seismic design of steel structures, design provisions recommend that the column and joints should be strong enough such that the inelastic action or damage occurs in the beams in lateral load resisting frames.Moment connections in steel buildings suffered brittle fracture during the 1994 Northridge and…...
Civil EngineeringConstructionEarthquakeManagementMaterialsMechanical Engineering
Earthquakes & Subduction Zones Lab Report
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фAs it spreads away from the ridge and cools and contracts, or becomes denser, it is able to sink into the hotter underlying mantle. When two oceanic plates collide, the younger of the two plates, because it is less dense will ride over the edge of the older plate. The density of the rock that makes up the subjecting plate determines the way in which a plate behaves. A plate with a greater density subjects into the mantle faster and…...
EarthquakeGeologyNaturePlate Tectonics
Newcastle Earthquake
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PART I INTRODUCTION AIM The aim of this report is to describe the Newcastle earthquake and identify its social, physical and economic effects on the community. The event in detail, major effects, how the event was caused, the effects on the communities property, people, infrastructure and economy, will all be addressed in this report. Also the long term planning implications, preventative measures, preparedness, response implications, and well as recovery implications will covered and described. OBJECTIVES The objectives of this report…...
AnxietyEarthquakeInsuranceMental DisorderNatural DisasterNature
Ch.8 & 9 Questions & Answers
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A fault is.... Faults are fractures in Earth where movement has occurred An earthquake's epicenter is.... Is the location on the surface directly above the focus When an earthquake occurs, energy radiates in all directions from its source, which is called... Focus. The point within Earth where the earthquake starts is called the focus Earthquakes are usually associated with.... Earthquakes are usually associated with large fractures in Earth's crust and mantle called faults What causes earthquakes? Earthquake occur due to…...
EarthquakeGeologyPlate Tectonics
Japan and Earthquake/Tsunami Mitigation
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Mitigation efforts are the most genealogical of anywhere in the world, and ensuring people are prepared for such events has been an important task since the last devastating earthquake in 1995 in the city of Kobo. These efforts include building codes, early warning systems, coastline defenses and various others. Even after a year, Japan is still reeling from this event, and one wonders If they will ever bounce back from such a blow to their landscape, their people, and their…...
Operation Fiery Vigil
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Growing up in the military, I was no stranger to picking up and moving from one place to another. By the age of 6, I had already flown across the Pacific Ocean four times! I was born on Clark Air Base in the Philippines, a large group of tropical islands located in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. After my sister was born, we were relocated to Carousel Air Force Base near Ft. Worth, Texas, which is where I…...
Trayvon Martin
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On Friday, March 11, Japan was rocked by an earthquake. People were displaced, a nuclear reactor was in trouble, and the world watched as a tsunami flooded Japan, threatened the islands of the Pacific, and ultimately hit the western coasts of North and South America. Very little of the devastation resulting from this earthquake was from the initial shaking. But mainly because any damage from the seismic waves that was dwarfed by the impact of the 10 metre tsunami that…...
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