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The Continuing Humanization and Reconstruction of the Vampire
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Throughout the course of the history of the formation of the vampire, the creature has undergone numerous interpretations and motives in literature. Yet, regardless of the various differentiations and alterations of the creature that various authors have made, the purpose behind each iteration of the vampire is significant in order to convey a message from the author towards an audience. Although some form of vampire has existed for millennia throughout different regions of the world, the tales of the vampire…...
The Kit bag by Algernon Blackwood
Words • 891
Pages • 4
We have examined how various methods of constructing tension are applied within each extract. Atmosphere and setting have the most effect on creating fear although the choice of storyteller and the holding back of information also subtly adds uneasiness in the reader. Another important factor is the description of characters and their actions. In each of these stories isolation and darkness are key factors. In Dracula Jonathan Harker is not only isolated from civilisation but also within the castle since…...
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