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Bhagavad-Gita Discipline Action and Knowledge Devotion
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This essay sample essay on Knowledge Devotion offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion are provided below. In reading the Bhagavad-Gita, one of the central concepts can be summarized in the term niskarmakarma. Translated into English, this term means acting without desire for the fruits of one’s actions. Arjuna’s major dilemma in this epic tale is to understand what his dharma should be. In other words, deciding whether…...
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The Bagavad Gita Essay
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Arjuna is troubled by various facets of his war mission. The first and foremost is the killing of his kin and kith. Across the battle line in Kurukshetra stand his cousins, uncles and former gurus. How heartless one needs to be to be able to desimmate one’s own flesh and blood, he asks Krishna. Arjuna is also uncertain of the legitimacy of war itself. How can so much bloodshed be toward a noble cause, he queries Krishna. Moreover, Arjuna fails…...
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Bal Gangadhar Tilak Essay
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Pages • 36
Born in a well-cultured Brahim household on July 23. 1856 in Ratangari. Maharashtra. Bal Gangadhar Tilak was a multifacet personality. He is considered to be the ‘Father of Indian Unrest’ . He was a bookman of Indian history. Sanskrit. mathematics. uranology and Hinduism.He had imbibed values. civilizations and intelligence from his male parent Gangadhar Ramchandra Tilak who was a Sanskrit bookman and a celebrated instructor. At the age of 10. Bal Gangadhar went to Pune with his household as his…...
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Principles of Management as Prescribed by the Mahabharata
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Pages • 10
Western management philosophy may have created prosperity – for some people for some time at least - but it has failed in the aim of ensuring betterment of individual life and social welfare. It has remained by and large a soulless edifice and an oasis of plenty for a few in the midst of poor quality of life for many. It does not give a sense of fulfillment what an individual desires at the end. (Aids Foundation of Bill Gates…...
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