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My favorite child movie Beauty and the Beast
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My favorite child movie I rewatched was Beauty and the Beast. Growing up I can't help but remember laying in my princes themed room. Under my warm pink fuzzy blanket singing along with all the songs throughout the movie. One thing I would always take away from watching this movie was dare to be different. I find standing out because you’re not like everyone else isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re an individual. Embrace what makes you different, because it’s also…...
Beauty And The BeastMovie ReviewWalt Disney
Valuable Lessons From Beauty and The Beast
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Truly a tale as old as time, the 2017 Beauty and the Beast directed by Bill Condon was a hit. Profiting over one billion dollars, it became the 7th highest box office launch ever. Not only was the new Beauty and the Beast a great profit, but it contained valuable lessons on inner beauty and self-change. Two very important lessons for young readers Spoiler alert! Much like the 1999 animated film, the 2017 Beauty and the Beast is a story…...
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