Film Review: Gladiator

Director Ridley Scott’s Gladiator has set an amazing record for his reputation in the cinema history of historical movies. Starring Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix and Connie Nielsen. This movie has done something amazing in its own way winning Best Picture in the Oscar.Maximus Decimus Meridius, has done many things and even bled with great ardor and became a slave because of his devotion for rome.

Russell Crowe’s Maximus is a man with compassion. A person who’s loved and resepcted by every person he meet.

He has loyalty and love for his emperor Marcus Aurelius of Rome. A commander of more than one Roman legion who turned to a slave and to a gladiator who defied the new emperor Commodus who is a very jealous man, despicable, dishonorable, a royal spoiled brat, more inconstant and less trustworthy than Maximus. In the film, he kept on rooting about how his father and sister loved Maximus more than him but the truth is that it is him that lacks of moral structures causing him to feel envy over Maximus because of the fact that Maximus is everything he aims to be.

Conflict rise against Maximus and Commodus when the true destructive self of Commodus occured killing his own father and betraying Maximus. However, I feel sympathy of Joaquin Phoenix’s Commodus because I understand the pain that he’s been going through. While Lucilla, played by Connie Nielsen, is a strong woman who’ll do everything for her son and I admire her for that.

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And despite of everything Maximus had gone through, he is still my favorite character because I understand him. During his times of devastation he never surrendered. He remained strong, fearless, and remains devoted to the justice that he wanted that’s why I can relate with him, thus, i am satisfied with his fate in the movie because he deserves to rest and be with his family once again.As for the production of the film, a set was made to be like in the Ancient Rome.

There were no plot holes or unexplained parts in the film and it is somehow relatable because it teaches us on how to be brave in every situation that we encounter even though the theme of the film is revenge which was clearly stated by Maximus after the death of his wife and son. And if i were given a chance to change the ending i won’t change anything because the fate of every character are already satisfying in their own way.The soundtrack of the film was a good choice and it is appropriate to the theme. It gave a huge impact and success to the film because it accert hose emotional scenes of the actors in the historic deama. Meanwhile, the props are just amazing because it highlighted the setting and enhanced the performace of the actors.

The special effect, cinematography, camera work, direction, and lighting is very impressive because it made the film extraordinary as it is.Gladiator deserves a rating of a perfect ten because it is addicting and powerful enough to awaken any kind of emotions that you hold. The film is a real masterpiece, an art indeed. It consists of great actors with powerful acting skill especially Russell Crowe who won an Oscar for his incredible acting skills in the film.In this film you’ll see the downfall of a man caused by betrayal but later on rises with redemption and honor for himself. Some would say it’s not the greatest movie of all time but i would disagree because Gladiator is a powerful film that never stops to amaze that’s why it is worth watching.

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