Executive Summary and Marketing Plan for Jones Soda Company

Company Summary

Jones Soda Company(JSC) is an independent Canadian company for beverage manufacturing that was started by Peter van Stalk in 1986 in the Western Canada. Its unique style was evidenced by its use of bottles that resembled classic beer bottles and by pricing higher than for regular soft drinks. Despite its small size, the company has enjoyed huge success in the soda market. However, just like any other beverage manufacturer, the Jones Soda Company has to continue reinventing the wheel and come up with new product to meet changing customer needs.

To achieve this, Jones soda has come up with a health drink to be marketed to the public.

Mission Statement

JSC is entitled to production of unique and different beverage to its consumers not only in Canada but globally. The Jones Soda soft drink is will packaged beer bottled resemblance. Jones Soda soft drink is an organic juice that meets the increased demand for the healthy drinks in the market.

The product has an opportunity for the company to reassert itself in the market as well to give the consumers what they want. The product is a success because, as Maxwell says, the market is turning from synthetic juices and turning to more organic foods and drinks due to health needs.

Consumer analysis

In 2012, market data indicates that an increasing number for people are willing to pay more for a drink as long as they can be surer that is an organic drink . This, as Stevenson asserts, is very important in the marketing of natural organic, classy and correlates to their lifestyles drink because the production of such drinks is more expensive as opposed to the synthetic juices and this is an important factor because the prices for the product have to meet the production costs and the profit margin.

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Market Analysis

The main challenge in marketing Soda Jones soft drinks is to overcome market barriers caused by customer loyalty to the existing products such as Pepsi and coke. According to consumer insights, a great number of Canadians are loyal to specific brands and find it hard to change from one brand to another. However, Jones Soda will be able to overcome this problem because it will be targeted to the younger people who are more willing to explore more possibilities .This will however not to be a complete advantage in itself because once these customers have switched to Jones Soda soft drinks :the challenge will be to make them loyal customers as the product grows.

Distribution of products

IFE Matrix Jones’IFE shows that they performed at an average level. Jones is great at generating and keeping the interest of their customer. Their direct to retail distribution strategy through their production decisions brings in phenomenal amounts of revenue. Including the customer in the design and production decisions also ensures consumer growth and loyalty as well. Jones’ internal problems mainly lie within the distribution of their product They rely heavily on independent distributors and therefore they have no stronger relationship with these distributors.

Competitive Analysis

Though they got a later start in selling their own beverages than most other companies in their industry, Jones is swiftly catching up has the momentum to surpass the competition. They have been able to take advantages of the uniqueness of their product differentiate from others. Some of Jones’ biggest competitors include Arizona Iced Tea, Snapple, Sobe, and Henson’s Natural Beverages. Their weakest area, as compared with these other companies, is their lack of any long-term relationships with distributors. This leads to inaccurate production estimates and inventory problems, which the competitors are able to avoid. Another advantage the competitors have over Jones is capital. Since Jones has such a Low Capital, they are more limited in their options than Snapple or Sobe.

Implementing New Strategy

Over the course of the coming year, Jones will introduce six Jones premium Sodas and Four Jones Juices to Applebee’s restaurants Across the nation. They will start with a few chains in each region and increase periodically based on sales performance. Flavours will be chosen based upon consumer opinions from each region as submitted to the Jones website. To create a continued interest in the brand, new flavours will be added to the menu periodically. as an added incentive to purchase Jones products, and to further establish the brand as premium private label beverages, a small menu of alcoholic drinks made with Jones products will be listed and pictured on tabletop menu highlights.


In the context of marketing mix, promotion or in other words marketing communication mix includes various communication methods to reach target customers. Either by advertising or by sales promotion, marketing communication contains a message to persuade customer to buy products. According to Kotler’s concept, there are five separated marketing communication tools, which are supposed to deliver a consistent and positive message.

However, how to make the message effective to receivers requires a well-prepared and focused programme. The message can be designed for specific segment, or for individual. It should relate to audience’s interest and be able to motivate buying decisions. Finally, even the promotion is carried out by any communicating methods; companies still need to make it work with self-regulation and standard practices.

  • People
  • Sales promotion
  • Public relations
  • Personal selling
  • Direct marketing
  • Advertising
  • Core messages

Implementation of marketing plan

In the context of extended marketing concept, people are essential element of the marketing mix. Many companies have soon realized that people are golden assets. People are the ones who direct or indirect interact with customers. The more positive employees behave, the better customers will be satisfied with the services. Therefore, recruiting process and training process requires finding out the appropriate people with suitable skills and attitude.

Physical Evidence

Marketing mix extended also introduces the impact of physical evidence. This is the element of the service in which demonstrates the environment of delivered products or services. Physical evidence can be understood simply by appearance or performance in the environment where customers are able to make judgments on the organizations. Physical evidence plays an important role of creating first impression and positioning the service. It has a major impact on customer’s buying decision when they feel it comfortable to enter to the context of receiving services. If organizations carefully take care of the physical evidence, it could bring back a lot of opportunities to support companies? images.


Process is the systems and policy used to assist organizations to provide products or services. It includes activities, which are acquired to go through before customers can consume the services. Process means very much about company’s performance and customers usually make evaluation based on that performance. In a high-tech environment, customers require more for fast and simple process. To make the process happens more efficiently, organizations must build a logical route for ordering and delivering. The methods applied may vary in many different ways. For instant, firstly it is necessary to make the company’s contact person available to reach during the ordering process. Secondly based on technology performance, company can set simple legislations of the orders. Finally, is to encourage and focus on people involved to the producing process, make it move more smoothly. In some cases, it is worthy to establish a remind, system. The goal is to cut waiting time, increase customer satisfaction and build a successful number.

Impact of culture

Jones’ most significant asset is the strong culture that is expressed throughout their company. Through it they can differentiate themselves from other companies while drawing in a loyal and ever-Increasing consumer base. By including their customers on nearly every aspect of the process., they are also able to more accurately predict demand for products before ever making them. Jones promotes the ideas of change, fun, honesty and simplicity and this can be seen in every aspect of their business. Through their promotion of the Jones pro riders and Jones Emerging Riders extreme athlete team, along with appearance on shows like Monster Garage, they get their name out in the community as more than just a beverage company. Jones has come to have a counter culture following because of their high customer interaction. Their website is littered with homemade commercials, essays and message boards submitted by local fans.

Strategic Alliance

QSPM Matrix Since the strategic alliance with Applebee’s and creating long term relationships with distributors seemed to be the most viable strategies, they were entered the QSPM Matrix in for analysis. There were three factors that ultimately led to the decision to go forward with the strategic alliance. The first was the fact that business for casual dining establishments has been on the rise. This would translate into a rise in sales through Applebee’s restaurants.Second, because of limited shelf space in supermarkets and convenience stores, Jones must find alternative outlets for their products. The simplest solution is to continue selling where they are successful, namely stores and restaurants like Barnes & Noble, Panera Bread, Starbucks restaurants and in the future, Applebee’s.

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Executive Summary and Marketing Plan for Jones Soda Company
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