Executive summary There are many fabulous tools in Facebook that

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Executive summary

There are many fabulous tools in Facebook that can help in pushing digital marketing campaign forward with contests, advertising, insights, and many others(Curran, 2011). These tools are essential as they help in optimizing one’s ad campaign. As a result, digital marketing on social media like Facebook has become more efficient and effective with the aid of these tools. In this report, Facebook is selected as the preferred social media for digital marketing. The steps of how various Facebook tools used on Facebook for digital marketing are also discussed.

Social Media: Facebook

Business Tool: Facebook Live

Digital marketing has become more productive through Facebook live as many people on an average spend three times much longer watching live videos than that which are not live. As a result, digital marketers can use this powerful tool to engage their audience and increase their brand’s following.

Statistics of business using Facebook Live for digital marketing

Facebook is the top platform for companies like the B2B and B2C(J?rvinen, 2012).

Facebook offers a higher digital ad ROI according to 30% of marketers. It is estimated that every month, there are 1.39billion active Facebook users. There are 92% social and digital marketers and advertisers that are using Facebook for advertising. Over thirty million businesses have fun pages on Facebook.

How a business can use it

A business can start using Facebook Live to give the audience a taste of their brand’s experience. It can also host events or conduct interviews. Through Facebook Live, a business can do a question and answer session, online classes, and stream their new product launch(J?rvinen, 2012).

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Lastly, companies can use Facebook Live to feature its leaders and employees as well as performing live customer service. Businesses can use live video streaming to connect with their audience as a way of gaining their trust and building stronger customer relationships.

Practical Steps

Step 1: Before going live, the business should pre-promote by letting the audience know the time and date it will go live.

Step 2: have a stable internet connection.

Step 3: Choose a suitable location.

Step 3: ensure a catchy description of the video.

Step 4: then in the business Facebook page, go to the Newsfeed and select “Live Video,” add the catchy description, and choose the audience. Then there you go.


Social media: Facebook

Business tool: Facebook Ad

Statistics of business using Facebook Ad for digital marketing

Many purchases are said to be influenced by social media. As a result, 93% of marketers are using Facebook for regular advertisement, which roughly amounts to 3 million businesses that use Facebook to market their business(Tiago, 2014). That is three million companies from all over the world, with more than 70% from outside of the US.

How a business can use it:

Many business people take Facebook as the most cost-effective advertising investment that any business can make. It is less expensive than every alternative advertising source. The options of targeting are more precise than the rest. A company can target previous customers, website visitors, and specific demographics.

Practical steps:

Step 1: Choose the objective of the Ad

Step 2: Selecting audience.

Step 3: Decide where to run the ad.

Step 4: Budget setting

Step 5: Pick a format.

Step 6: Place the order.

Step 7: Measure and manage the ad.


Social media: Facebook

Business tool: Agorapulse

Statistics of business using Agorapulsefor digital marketing

Anyone can use Agorapulse as its usage all depends on the size and goal of a business. This boils down to the social media profiles involved that are related to the number of users. It is used widely by small scale businesses, Media agencies, owners of Sole biz, Medium, and Large corporations.

How businesses can use it

Being a simple and effective tool, companies can use it to manage content and engage on Facebook. It can help a business in scheduling and publishing posts, monitoring engagement and activity and also enabling social listening(Tiago, 2014). An organizationcan analyze and compare its Facebook pages to learn about its competitors and obtain reports for tracking its efforts.

Practical steps:

Step 1: Add all the business social profiles

Step 2: invite collaborators

Step 3: Set up business ad accounts

Step 4: Update the subscription notifications and time zone settings


Business tool: Comment Guard

Statistics of business using Comment Guard for digital marketing

Many businesses are using the comment guard tool for their digital marketing activities. Around 70-80% of the businesses uses it and gets a blast of comments. It also has many open rates.

How business can use it:

A comment guard can be used in adding new contacts to a business’ contact list when they comment on its Facebook post. The tool offers an organization an opportunity to interact with customers.

Practical steps:

In the MobileMonkeyChatbot Builder, go to Lead Magnets, then FB Comment Guard in the left menu and click “New Comment Guard.” Give your Comment Guard a name, then select whether you want it to apply to all of the posts on your Facebook page, or only to one specific post using a drop-down selector. Post something on the business Facebook page and when people comment on the post they get an automatic private reply in Messenger. They are then added to the Facebook Messenger contact list of the business.


Business tool: Hootsuite

How businesses can use it:

The tool can be used in tracking and managing a business’s many social network channels. It can also be used for monitoring what people are saying about the business brand and help in responding instantly.


Go to Hootsuite.com and then click Login. Then click Settings on the sidebar. Then go to social networks to add a social network then connect to Facebook and to link the account. Log in, and the Facebook page menu will appear. Click on the Facebook page to add and then finish by clicking on “importing.”Then click on the Facebook page to manage it.




It is used by many companies and in different marketing brands worldwide.

How a business can use it

It is used by businesses in making ad creation and optimization more accessible and fast. It is suitable for marketing brands.

Practical steps

Step 1: Create a campaign

Step 2: Name it

Step 3: Select the ad account to run

Step 4: Choose what to promote and how.

Step 5: Create multiple versions of a single campaign,

Step 6: Generate maximum ROI.


Business tool: Driftrock


Facebook has become an advertising battleground for many companies, so is the Driftrock tool.

How businesses can use it

It can be used by Facebook marketers in generating software for conversions. It solveneeds of management and automationof Facebook ad. It assists businesses in creating ads. Businesses can easily test variations and optimize Facebook ad campaigns.

Practical steps

Step 1: Open a Facebook custom audience

Step 2:Move to the audiences section of the business Facebook Ads Manager.

Step 3: Create an audience

Step 4: Select the Custom Audience from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: See a list of viewers one can create.


Works cited

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Executive summary There are many fabulous tools in Facebook that
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