The fabulous sisters of the Cooke family of Karen Joy Fowler Review

The Cooke family from Bloomington, Indiana, which is truly an unusual community. It is presented to us by Rosemary, who was born in 1970 daughter from the first-person perspective. Her brother Lowell is a bit older. Vince Cooke, both father was a professor of comparative behavioral psychology in humans and animals, a pedantic, ambitious scientists, absent father , workaholic , a heavy smoker and drinker, until 1998 at a heart attack died. His wife (the nameless remains) was their children a sensitive and caring mother.

That she was as Rosemary nine years old had suffered a miscarriage, was only a legend to justify why her daughter suddenly placed with their grandparents had. In reality, a sudden onrushing, inevitable change in the family Mom had so derailed that she fell into depression for a long time and could not run the household. Today, Rosemary lives, teaches primary school children, with its more than sixty year old mother in the same household

Rosemary was just one month in the world when she was a kind sister.

A baby chimpanzee named remote and already three months old , The two would share their first years of life intensely, and to this day considered Rosemary her unusual family member as their ‘twin’.

That remote all looks different, behaves differently and different talks Herself, the small Rosemary falls not occur. On the contrary: It mimics the human-like behaviors after their animal sister until her be appropriated itself. Very long as the girl is running on all fours and crawl through table and benches.

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In kindergarten, it is cut from the start as “Monkey Girl” to bite other children not only for its striking facial expressions and gestures, but also because of their preference or pulling hair. At school she finds no girlfriend, the “monkey girl” stays with “most part of human nature.” Launched from the Community Rosemary invents a girlfriend in fantasy, giving it the second part of your own name. Mary

With their ‘twin sister’ she, meanwhile, has long since developed an intimate, intimate relationship. The common games, the constant close body contact, the smell, the feuchtklebrige breath in the neck when remote clutching their “pipe cleaner arms” Rosemary, all had them both almost merge into one person.

Then the remote project ended abruptly. Responsible Professor Cooke loses its Research Center, its academic staff have to find new jobs. The two objects to scan remote and Rosemary have also had its day: The monkey is taken from the family, the girl is left alone. The consequences are dramatic and lasting for decades. The father compensated for the loss of his reputation through regular consumption of alcohol, the mother breaks down, must move out her little daughter to grandparents, son Lowell settles forever, later “Animal Liberation Front” wanted by the FBI as activist.

Rosemary, once an unstoppable “Liver” listening, talking on about. With their “silence” begins a time of “strange silence”, which is also reflected between the parents wide, while Rosemary’s mental suffering is reflected as a lifelong trauma in stereotyped compulsive behaviors: rocking with the body, chew nails, pluck eyebrows … <

Why and how exactly it all happened so why Rosemary the relationships – including their potential own guilt shares – realizes only after many years, she tells gradually in small Portiönchen wide swing and unchronologisch. Her story is “in the middle of my story” one, in winter 1996. Since Rosemary studied in its fifth year history, economics and philosophy far away from their parents at the University of California at Davis. Her brother Lowell has not seen her for ten years, long has been missing for seventeen years. The structural trick to start in the middle, the narrator consciously chooses to Ferns true identity to conceal preliminary. is revealed until after about ninety pages that the ‘twin sister

Karen Joy Fowler’s basic concept to develop an unusual family constellation, a man and his closest relative in the animal kingdom grow up together in the center of which is appealing and holds countless darstellens- and discuss values Subjects. What shall we think of a father who makes his own daughter to> test animal ‘? Although the official research goal was initially to fathom how far an ape could learn the human language, but increasingly comes into focus, like Rosemary’s behavior in constant togetherness developed with the forced-companion, especially if the man eventually talk to the animals can. Very well understood, the author works the consequences of this dubious experiment out Rosemary’s emotional distress after the abrupt, incomprehensible separation of distance, their social disorder, the breakup of the family.

But why this novel is convinced (the language mostly factual, sober or entertaining to strong funny sounds) strikes at the end but not right? My impression Karen Joy Fowler wants just too much – too different things to contradictions, too heavy level compatible. So diverse is indeed life, but this novel can not, as it aims to offer its depth. Some passages are roaring funny, but it does not create the deeply sad events of acting up under the skin of the reader. The story is not just dabble in the action surface but mitliefern scientific substantiation. So Rosemary always comes back to speak in primates on behavioral research and findings mentioned renowned researcher Jane Goodall, Call and Tomasello, Day and Davis, Ivanov. As the scientific terms tumble only as on the pages ( “solipsism”, “Idioglossie”, “metacognition” …), but for the inexperienced reader brings all this not a profound increase in knowledge nor does it increase the expected entertainment value. The mixed approach leads to nothing half and nothing whole

And then all these thematic digressions and blind subplots. A disco visit, a janitor, a Mitkommilitonin who falls in Lowell; a suitcase with mother’s diaries is lost, it appears a ventriloquist’s dummy named “Madame Defarge” on; a lecture on “religion and violence”; a substantive excursion on female violence on the example of WKKK (Female Ku Klux Klan). In a course on European Literature Franz Kafka Rosemarys attracts attention; each of the six main parts preceded by a brief passage from his “Report to an Academy”. (which the narrator – not surprisingly – conceives “entirely unmetaphorically”)

A special praise is due to the translator Marcus Ingendaay, which it has managed to transpose the different sounds and styles of this novel entertainment without loss into German. A look at his workshop – three comparisons with the English original ” We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves < "

first “I nodded some more and the whole time I was making this agreeable gesture, I was telling him did his position on super powers what balderdash and had no bearing on the real world.> Poppycock, Flapdoodle. Bollocks. Piffle. .. crapola Codswallop < "" But I nodded on to everything - and assured him at the same time that his position on the super powers pretty much the biggest crap is that I've ever heard, because, his attitude, not the least reference to the real world which has in other words. It is semantic-free Kopfkotze Schmonzes Kiki Killefit Schnullipuh Pillepup "<

second…… “I was a ball. I was a blast. I was what so not what going on here.” Hotel “I was smashing, I was schnafte, I was full the Hoschibraut. And I had no idea what’s in front of me expired. “<

3rd “How amazed my long-ago babysitter Melissa and my Cooke grandparents would be if only They Could see it. I tried to imagine them all in the room with me, offering encouragement.> Keep quiet!” They told me.> Stop your infernal talking! give me a minute to hear myself think. ‘ “” I do not know what my two grandmothers or my babysitter Melissa would have said it, but I bet they would have been impressed with the progress of the human being can make. Conversely motivated their old lament me, ‘Lord, child, finally halt the Sabbel, you still quasselst me a fungal ear < "<


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