Events On One Of The Small Islands of Hawaii

The play I choose to do my costume designs for was The Tempest I chose this play because the backgrounds and personalities of all the character provide a wide range of costume possibilities Also, each character requires unique and different costumes. The four characters I picked to design were Miranda, Prospero, Ferdinand, and Caliban. I chose Miranda, because over the course of the play she is slowly maturing and becoming less naive. I chose Prospero because his personality is very large and out there, I chose Ferdinand, because he goes from royalty to being shipwrecked and in love I chose Caliban, because unlike the other characters he is deformed and different, The Tempest starts with the shipwreck of Alonso, the king of Naples, his son, Ferdinand, his brother, Sebastain, and Antonio, the Duke of Milan.

They were heading home from a wedding in Tunis.

They land on an island inhabited by Prospero, the former duck of Milan, his daughter, Miranda, a servant, Caliban, and numerous spirits.

Upon reaching the shore of the Island the men from the ship are separated and believe the others to have died, On one part of the island, Antonio and Sebastian plot to kill Alonso so that Sebastian can be king. Twelve years earlier Prospero was ran out of Milan along with baby Miranda, by his brother, who is Antoniot On another part of the Island Miranda and Ferdinand meet and fall in love at first site. After being magically manipulated into working for Prospero, Ferdinand is given Prospero’s blessing to marry Miranda.

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Meanwhile Caliban and two other members from the ship plot to overthrow Prospero, one of the spirits, Ariel, overhears the plot and informs Prospero. The play ends with everyone on the Island meeting together and forgiving each other and there Is a celebration.

Originally the play is set in the Renaissance Era and takes place on an island in the Mediterranean Sea. I decided that I to modernize the play. The new time period is late 2000’s and the main events take place in one of the smaller islands of Hawaii. I wanted to modernize the play, because Shakespeare‘s works are often thought of as timeless. I wanted to stray away from the norm and think outside the box. In the play Miranda falls in love, becomes less naive, and is exposed to the truth To show her character development I started her off in a traditional long grass skirt and coconut shell bra, After she meets Ferdinand she is in a shorter grass skirt with a skimpier brat Later she is wearing a short sleeveless dress and after the she is wearing a longer dress with straps. I think these costume progression shows her slight growth and maturity Ferdinand starts the play off nice sharp suit as he was on the way home from a wedding.

After the shipwreck he is in mm and tattered clothes, He then cleans himself up is shown in the same suit which has rolled sleeves and legs. In the end of the play he is wearing just shorts because he previously laboring for Prosperor In the beginning of the play Prospero is wearing a very grand and larger than life outfit, which is similar to a Tiki man outfit. As the play progresses his costumes calm down but still have a special flare to them At the end when he denounces his magic, he is dressed in normal Hawaiian clothing, Caliban start off in a light brown hobo-ish-like costume, As the play progresses his outfits gradually get darker as does his personality He ends the play off in a medium brown color cleaner outfit, to show that he has changed and been forgiven.

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