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In this biography of Alice Coachman, author Lang did an amazing job at depicting Coachman’s career/life. What captured my attention the most was how Lang stated at the beginning of the book that people did not want to shake Coachman’s hand because she was black. That drew my attention in, and I am sure that it could capture children’s attention as well. Lang focuses this biography on Coachman’s life and career in running track and sprinting, and it is truly inspiring.

Jackie Robinson made history by becoming the first African-American to play on an all-white baseball team. Reading this reminded me of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Rosa Parks, and more. All of those people were ‘firsts’ of something, and that itself is inspiring. This short biography skims over the life of Hillary Clinton. Author Fitzgerald touches upon her childhood and education, but the bulk of this book is about Clinton’s political career. I noticed that these scholastic books paint these ‘famous’? people in a positive light, which I think is good since these books are geared towards children.

I think because I am a bit older and I have been exposed to much more than children might have, so reading this story makes me wonder about all the political dramas that arose during the 2016 election.  Come Sunday is about a young girl named LaTasha who tells about her experience at church on a Sunday. Grimes writes in poetry, and they all weave together into one beautiful story.

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I liked how Grimes wrote from the perspective of LaTasha, and it was as if she jumped inside the mind of a child and wrote what they are thinking. I loved how Grimes was able to describe the setting of the story without physically stating where the setting is. She does so through language, using words such as ”cause’, ‘honey’, and ‘hopin” shows the readers that this story is most likely taken place in the south.

From what I have always remembered, the tale of Goldilocks always ended with her running away from the bears after they have discovered her in their home. In this story, the three bears and Goldilocks ended up making blueberry muffins together. In this modern version of Cinderella, author Marineau covers the basis to every typical Cinderella story. The girls father weds a mean woman with two mean and lazy stepsisters, Cinderella has a godmother, she looses at shoe at the ball, etc. The only difference in this fairy tale is not only the illustrations, but the different tiny details that make up the traditional Cinderella story. For example, the godmother turned dogs, tomatoes, and raisins into Cinderella’s carriage and dress. In the original story, it was mices and a pumpkin.

Moonlight is a poem, and I could see this being a writing model for children learning about poems and writing poems themselves. Although this poem rhymes, not all poems do. That could be something expressed to children, but it could also be mentioned that having words that rhyme makes the story flow effortlessly and smoothly. Big Box Little Box is about the different kinds of boxes there are, as a cat and a mouse develop a bond. Although it is more suited for younger children (toddlers), it can be a nice story to present to children for a writing model. Big Box Little Box is about the different kinds of boxes there are, as a cat and a mouse develop a bond. Although it is more suited for younger children (toddlers), it can be a nice story to present to children for a writing model. This story has a lot of repetition and onomatopoeia, and it can serve as a writing model to show students that repetition can really add emphasis to a story. For example, this story repeatedly says ‘Thump goes his heart. Thump. Thump. Thump’.

Having that repetition shows the excitement that the baby feels when playing with the dog, without physically saying ‘I am having a good time’. The onomatopoeia adds excitement and character to the story as well.  This story teaches children that going to school is more than just having materialistic things, such as a backpack or a lunchbox. Going to school means you need to have the drive and motivation to want to learn, or else it will be useless. Rosa is a biography about Rosa Park’s bravery to change America’s way of living. Rosa Parks, among others such as Dr. Martin Luther King and Emmett Till, faced a nation to stand up for what they believed was their civil right.

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