The Life, Career and Controversial Death of American Pop Icon, Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was one of the world’s most renowned artists. He had touched the hearts of millions through his soulful sound, and had made the world dance with his catchy music. He also influenced many new generation artists and choreographers. When he died on June 9, 2009, the world mourned for him. That day, everyone had lost their idol and the King of Pop. There would be no one else like him for an eternity. Jackson was a singer-songwriter and had transformed the face of pop music and popular culture.

He was born on August 29, 1958, and when he was a child, he was the lead singer in the group called Jackson 5. Jackson 5 was made up of Michael Jackson’s brothers and himself, and soon he became famous for his talent and vocals. He was such a significant character that he changed the views of life as we know it. He utilized his talents to support many events such as world peace and equality.

People rose to be the backbone of Jackson, helping spread the word. His death will not be forgotten, especially to those who held him so close to their hearts. Despite the nasty rumors ( possible truths ) that were said in his lifetime, he was still seen as an inspirational man that seemed to affect many artists and dancers.

The release of his Thriller album was the prime of his career, making it the very reason of why he became widely famous. Due to this album, his fame from before had grown tenfold.

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And still today, his songs are played continuously on the radio, reminding everyone of his death. To never forget the artist that was the small light in the dark world. A world changer, and a genius is gone, and it will always affect the world today and forever.

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