Michael Jackson: A Biographical Impact

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Michael Jackson is one of the most famous singers that have ever lived. Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana. He was born the seventh of the nine children out of his family. Jackson started singing at age of five as the lead singer of the Jackson 5. Jackson 5 was a musical group consisting his brothers Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and of course Michael. In 1968, Jackson 5 got an audition for Berry Gordy from Motown records and from there got signed in.

After their signing into Motown records, they moved to los angles to continue on their music career. Their first album that they came out with was Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5, hit the charts with the song “I want you back” being the Number 1 hit on the billboard hot 100 chart. Other songs that were included in that album was “ABC”, The Love You Save and “I’ll be there” were very popular and very entertaining during their time.

The Jackson 5 stayed with Motown records until 1976.

After that they signed with Epic records which resulted in them changing their name to The Jacksons. In total Jackson 5 recorded 14 albums and the period of being The Jacksons they made a total of 6 albums. In addition in being a part of the Jackson 5, Michael launched a solo career in 1971 which came out with an album “Got to Be There” and in 1972 he came out with another album named “Ben”. The songs that he published while being solo were very successful that they at the top of the billboards.

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During his solo career, Jackson was part of a film where he starred in the musical “The Wiz” playing the scarecrow where Diana Ross was the lead role of Dorothy. As a result Jackson being a part of this film, he met Quincy Jones where they teamed up to make his solo career a big hit.

The first album that Jackson came out with when he was with Epic records was “Off The Wall”. “Off The Wall” was a huge success that 4 of the singles on the album were top ten singles. Out of the four that were successful, the two singles which were number one hits were “Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough” and “Rock with You”. After that, Jackson came out with another album in 1982 which was “Thriller”. In this album, he sold more than 50 million copies worldwide and spent 37 weeks at number one. The songs that were most successful in the album were “Thriller” and “Bille Jean”. In these two songs, he had music videos that were portrayed as short movies which contained dancing. In “Bille Jean”, he would have a dance move which was the moon walk where everyone recognized as his signature move.

The album “Thriller” was nominated for eight Grammy Awards and at the end wins all eight of them. After this album, Jackson co-writes the single “We Are the World” which was a charity song for Africa where many famous singers joined him to sing it. In 1986, he stars in a second movie, “Captain EO”, where it played at Disney’s World’s Epcot Centre which produced $17 million. After he stared in the movie, he released the album “Bad” which went platinum four times and was very successful. In 1991, he signs to Sony music where he releases the fourth album, “Dangerous”. After this album, Michael finds the “Heal the world foundation” where its purpose was to help the lives of children all over the world. One way he helped the children was by writing and singing “We are the World” where all the money that came from it was given to charity. After that, Michael released the albums “History”, “Floor”, and “Invincible” in a period of 7 years. In March 2009, he announced that he would have a tour named “This is it” where it was going to be held in London. The tour never happened because Michael died on June 25th of the same year but made a movie called “This is it “showing his rehearsals. Michael Jackson was and still has a huge effect on the musical world and on society.

Jackson contributed many new techniques and dance movies that stunned the world. For example, when he danced to Bille Jean he was dancing the moon walk which looked very easy to do but was impossible for some people. He was a very talented and a fantastic singer and dancer. One way that effected society was how he changed way people looked at African-Americans. He was the first African American that achieved all the success and the popularity of both whites and blacks. He made many songs to make people who were black and white to become as one. Another way that Jackson effected society was by how popular he was. His fans were affected by listening to his music at a young age and by learning all the dance movies that he danced too. Jackson effect on the musical world was huge because he created many new ways that people can have fun and he put his style into everything.

Also, his method of singing and dancing affected the music industry by his unique personality. Michael Jackson influenced many other groups and singers all over the world. Many young singers out there have been influenced by Jackson by how they dance and sing. For example, Michael Jackson had many items that represented him in his music videos and he did many things that people will look at to be weird. This influenced singers these days to go all out and be different just like Nikki Minaj and Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga always dresses very strange and different that many people would not wear. Also, Michael Jackson was known for his unique and awesome dance movies that he used on every music video. These dance moves have influenced Justin Timberlake, Usher and Chris brown. They imitate his dance movies and always find new ways to dance just like him in music videos. Michael Jackson has influenced many people are famous now by their dancing, singing and their unique way of doing stuff.

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