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Art is constantly changing. As the world progresses technologically, the mind does too. Many upon many famous artists have explored this thought such as Picasso and Da vinci. Each painter revolutionized their era whether it be by using acrylics or taking a different view on things. Diego Velazquez did this during the Contemporary Baroque period. He used the ideas conjured up at the time like impressionism and realism and formed them into art. He was famous while he was alive but even more famous when he died.

He was well respected and achieved many goals in his life. If he hadn’t of fell sick, he would have prospered for a couple more years.

Born on June 6, 1599 in Seville, Spain, Diego Velazquez was ingrained into a hidalgo class family. His parents ,João Rodrigues da Silva and Jerónima Velázquez, were recognized as a lower class aristocracy, but many just thought of them as just middle class dreamers. Their spanish heritage made life a little bit harder and they were sometimes criticized for being Jewish.

Other than minor occurrences, they were seen as a normal-average middle class family.

They weren’t wealthy, but they weren’t poor either. At the age of 11, Diego was invited for a 6 year apprenticeship with a local painter named Francisco Pacheco. While with Francisco, Diego focused on the religious aspect of art. But he quickly became fascinated with Italian painter Caravaggio and his related work of naturalism. Meanwhile, when Diego was away, his parents were struggling to keep a profile because it was frowned upon that they were letting their oldest son pursue a career in which the likelihood of him making it big were slim.

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Diego was progressing at in incredible rate. He impressed his mentor with his artwork. In 1618, one year after his apprenticeship ended, he married Francisco’s daughter, Juana. He and his wife had a very healthy relationship and by 1621, they had 2 daughters. In 1623, he knew that he needed to make a decision in order to pursue his career. His father in law, who used to be his mentor, had connections and was able to get him a job painting for the royal court. He first painted for Count-Duke of Olivares.

Then he was recommended and took upon by King Philip IV. King Philip was very pleased with his portrait and decided that he wanted only Velazquez to paint him and took him upon the royal court. When Velazquez was painting for the royal court, he was introduced to a whole new world of paint types and different things that could inspire him. Diego wanted to explore more types of art and more culture and technique so from 1629-1631 he traveled to all around Italy to take in the view and admire the great artists.

The word about Diego’s magnificence began to spread and he got to take another trip to Italy from 1649-1651 where he got to paint Pope Innocent X. Diego was very thankful of all of his trips. He was able to go from be a master at still lifes to being able to paint portraits and other inspired art. In 1658, he was made knight of Santiago. After being bestowed upon with the honors of planning a royal wedding, he became ill. Diego Velazquez died in Madrid on August 6, 1660. His death was mourned and famous artists like Pablo Picasso considered him an inspiration. Most artists weren’t recognized until after they died. Diego Velazquez broke that bar and became famous when he was living. Although his artwork became more valuable after he died, he was still very much loved when he was alive.

Diego Velazquez was a well respected man and artist. He was successful and achieved a lot in his time alive as well as after he passed. His first major achievement was when he scored his apprenticeship with Francisco Pacheco. There he learned new methods of painting and new ways to be inspired and how to aspire. His next big achievement, mostly to him, was when he married his mentors daughter, Juana. They had two kids together and were happy. He soon took a trip back to Italy where he was invited to paint for the royal court. There, he achieved respect and the knowence of being an outstanding artist. He even got to paint the Pope at one point. He died soon after he fell ill, but was loved and remembered. After his death, his artwork worth went up. Diego’s work quickly became sold at alarming rates and was sold for remarkable amounts of money. People also began to make copies of his artwork. It spread throughout years and he became famous and widely know within a fair amount of time being an afterlife achievement.

Diego Velazquez painted during the contemporary baroque period. He painted in the prime of the baroque period which spiking his chances for success. The baroque period was in art when artists used exaggerated motion and clean lines.

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