Dear Agony Aunt: A Letter and Advice Analysis

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There is a whole in my chest where my heart once was. It is no longer there as the love of my life-Demetrius tore it out and he doesn’t even care.I have given so much love to him, I have done everything I can do for him, I have lost all my dignity and self esteem, but still he will not return my affection.It is not fair as my best friend, Hermia; although she is more beautiful than I she cares for him much less than me in fact she could care for a pig more than him.

But still he gives all his love to her and not so much as a drop of love to me.He even has her father’s consent to merry Hermia, much against her will. Hermia is in love with Lysander and wishes to marry him. They are in such a deep trance of love that they are risking both their lives to elope.

Demetrius knows of this plan but still has not given up hope he has gone early to the woods to be there when they arrive and he is intending on killing Lysander. I have followed in hope that when he sees how in love they are he will turn to, but my plan is failing as instead he has turned to me and told me he would plunge a knife through my heart if I don’t leave him alone. I am still desperately in love with him.

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Now Lysander is playing a horrible trick on me. He is saying how he has no love left for Hermia but has seen sense and has fallen for me.Please help me I am confused and love struckYours sincerelyHelenaReplyDear Helena,Don’t be upset. Everyone has someone out there that’s right for them and maybe Demetrius isn’t the one for you.My advice is to ignore him, make him realize how lucky he was to have you. Make him suffer what he made you suffer.If he then doesn’t come running after you, you know it’s time to move on, find somebody else to love someone that doesn’t make you chase him around, someone that loves you for who you are and wouldn’t have you change for anything.Besides, is he really worth is?All that running around trying to make him love you, losing all your pride and self respect. You might as well find a man that will fall on his knees crazily in love with you.As for Lysander if what he says is true then you should tell Hermia but bare in mind you may lose your friendship forever. My advice is to make Lysander tell her. However if Lysander is playing tricks on you than he should be ashamed of himself and you should pay no attention to him make him realize he has hurt you.I’m sure it will all work out well, just take my advice and use it wisely.Write soon and Let me know how it goes.Yours sincerelyAgony auntNancy

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