Dear Fellow Colleagues

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Philadelphia is an utter pigsty. The town is almost deserted. The prices at the market are absurd. You are unable to go forth without seeing death and despair. I have stayed while most of the other doctor’s left for fear of contracting the sickness. I have stayed because I felt that it was my job to help the people of Philadelphia.

Many of you believe or know of the medical practice vis medicatrax naturae. For those of you do not, it is the belief that the human body will heal itself, but it may need to be coaxed into healing quicker.

An example of a more aggressive approach of this is bloodletting. A small portion of blood is taken out and put into a bowl. This would allow the blood still in the body to flow more freely. I have tried this treatment and I feel it has proven very successful.

Dear Beloved Colleagues

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Dear Fellow Colleagues
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