Anne Bradstreet's To My Dear and Loving Husband

This technique not 0 only elevates the earthly love she has for her husband to that of a divine calling, but also expire sees a deeper understanding of our duties on Earth as Christians and gives a fuller understand ending of what God is calling us to do. Anne Breadbasket’s poem wastes no time in making connections between hum an love and communion with God by alluding to scripture in the first line. She writes, “If e overwrote were one, then surely we”.

The Gospel of Mark, which all puritans would be familiar wit h calls man to leave his parents and become one with his wife saying, “So they are no longer two, but one less” (NIB). Amongst the Puritan community, marriage was a sacred union a ND husbands and wives were expected to follow biblical teachings concerning the love bet a man and a Damasks 2 woman.

This spousal love was meant to point beyond itself to the glory d and serve to be a living example of God’s love for the church and its members.

With this if e, Broadsheet sets the stage to express this poem’s consistent theme depicting the speaker p love for her husband as something ordained by God, serving to emulate God’s deep or his children. Later in this poem, Broadsheet writes, “My love is such that rivers cannot h”. Again Broadsheet is on the surface, expressing her love and desire for her hush while referencing Salmon’s Song of Songs verse 8: 7, “Many waters cannot quench love; RI’ Anton sweep it away’ (NIB).

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Salmon’s Song of Songs is biblical poetry describing Christ e and marriage to the its bride, the Church.

However, it is more than just this. This scrip s a blueprint for how a man and wife should love each other. Hence Salmon’s Song of S shares the same theme of that of Anne Breadbasket’s To My Dear and Loving Husband, in that it’s discussing the parallelisms between spousal love and spiritual love. An example of boot parallel and a blueprint for marriage are noted in the line of Breadbasket’s poem that ere Thy love is such I can no way repay”. Broadsheet mirrors the line in Salmon’s song Of son.

ICC reads, ” If one were to give all the wealth of ones house for love, it would be utterly SC (NIB song of Songs 8:8). The speaking voice clearly wants her Puritan audience to ma injections between the love of a wife for a husband and the love that Christ has for his child Anne Broadsheet, a devout puritan, writes as an ardent appeal both for romantic love, as well as a plea for an everlasting spirit both with her Cubans as well as with God.

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