Coming Home After the First Semester of College

Coming back home after working hard my first semester of college [was incredibly excited to spend the holidays with my family and friends. I get home just a week before Christmas eve to help with gift wrapping since everyone else in my house have inadequate gift wrapping skills. I go into the closet where everyone had placed their gifts that they wanted me to wrap and bring all the gifts, I look over the gifts and notice that there are no “animal friendly” gifts.

I go into the living room to check under the tree to confirm that there are no other gifts that have been placed address to any of the three animals in the house I go back into the dining area where I had set up my gift wrapping station to get my phone, I send out a group text to all members of my household my mother, brother, sister and stepfather to ask them where the pets Christmas gifts are located.

After fifteen minutes of silent my phone gets flooded with responses from my family members all of them arguing with one another trying to shift the blame for the lack of presents onto someone else After thirty minutes of them arguing back and forth and me still not getting a clear answer as to where the aforementioned gifts are, all members of the house sub come to the idea that they were all too busy worried about their own desires, that no one toke the time out to make sure that the pets had gifts.

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No one to the time to think about those without a voice in the matter and it made my heartache, Ten O’Clock the very next morning I found myself making my way to my neighborhood PetSmart. I purchased toys, beds, snacks and gourmet foods all for the animals with the money that I had guilt the other family members into giving me.

I made my way home with all the gifts for the animals and wrapped them to my best ability with tennis ball print wrapping paper for the dogs and fish print wrapping paper for the cat. I place their gifts under the tree and had to place a gate around the tree to keep the animals from spoiling their Christmas surpriset Christmas morning, the joy I had experiencedjust from being the happiness exuding from my pets after they had received their presents was all too great The understanding that everyone in my house had been taking care of and no one went overlooked or underrated brought me more Christmas joy than any gift that I had gotten that Christmas I believe that we as humans should have consideration for all living things, We share our world with many living things human or animal, if we all were to take into consideration the other living organisms that we share this world with and the importance of their lives, the world would be a much better place to live in‘

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