Challenges in the Apple Business Environment

In the corporate world, the survival of the business is determined by the relationship between the shareholders, For the sustainability of the firm’s operations, the management ought to place various protocols and measurable procedures that are fit for every employee and client. In this regard, the state of perforce and the code of conduct will be impressive, The code of conduct is essential in that it harmonizes the co-existence within the organization. Accordingly, it establishes the standards and the performance expected of the business as well as fostering its objectives In the recent years, Apple has become one of the most prominent company in the world that deals with the production of iPhones and iPads.

Foxconn Company is one of the shareholders in Apple Company In spite of being a brand, the company has received negative responses regarding the employees’ welfare in the firm, In this regard, the company destroyed its brand image and the perception of its customers globallyi.

However, Apple implemented some changes that were satisfying the suppliers, distributors and interior workers of the business. Some of the changes involved the working hours schedule. Foxconn Company had to minimize the working time of each employee up to forty-nine hours from sixty hours weekly. Despite the change in working hours, their salary would still remain the same. However, the employees that are willing to work overtime are not restricted by the organization The minimization of the working period led to an increase in the number of employees to compensate the production level, Maintaining a standard employees’ welfare and a conducive environment is essential for the smooth running of the organization, Therefore, Apple should take into considerations the best measures to ensure the workers’ safety when in the line of duty.

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In addition, the management needs to provide the protective gears for precaution purposes in case of any danger at work.

Moreover, the employees should be treated equally without discrimination. As such, both men and women should be given equal opportunities within the company to utilize their potential skills. It is important that the organization enroll some training program to enhance the increase in production levels For any business to prosper and maintain a rigid title to its customers, it must have a good code of conduct In such a case, Apple is put in the limelight on the factors that influence its production level and indicate the perception of its brand image, Issues such as working hours, environment, and workers welfare are depicted as the major factors that influence the production of the company, The transformation of the previous policies and operation strategies by the Apple have resulted in improved image and increase in production.

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