An Open Mind on Accepting and Befriending a Mormon

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Being that Mormonism has always been a religion that has fascinated me, there would be clear benefits to befriending a Mormon my age with whom I might discuss theology and practice of faith. At the same time, there would be obvious stumbling blocks to our friendship. For example, I would probably be disappointed when my friend had to leave for a few years between the age of nineteen and twenty-one to embark on his missionary journey to spread Mormonism in some other country.

In addition, I probably wouldn’t appreciate the secretive nature of Mormonism. As a non-Mormon, I would be excluded from all temple services while my friend would be able to visit my Catholic Church whenever he pleased (although his minister may disapprove of this practice, even for educational purposes). We would likely be brought together by our faiths more than we would be driven apart by them, especially as they are both belief systems firmly rooted in the tradition of Jesus Christ.

Though Mormons celebrate communion and the ordinance of baptism, Catholics hold a much deeper belief about the nature of the sacramental Eucharist. That the bread and wine at mass are transfigured into the body and blood of Christ for consumption is not something that a Mormon would have been trained to believe. This would have to be a belief my Mormon friend would learn to respectfully disagree with. At the same time, I couldn’t help thinking that the undergarment he must wear at all times after his first admission into a Temple is a bit odd, but must also respect his practice of faith.

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Though we will have a lot to learn about each others’ faiths, upholding a valuable friendship would largely depend on our ability to accept the others’ faith for what it is. Catholicism will never recognize the Book of Mormon or the Pearl of Great Price as valid Scripture or entertain the possibility of the Resurrected Christ appearing to Native American prophets in modern Fayette, New York. At the same time, these writings are indispensable to my Mormon friend. This major difference in what the truth entails would perhaps be the most significant challenge.

Catholicism and Mormonism are both very traditional, though their traditions draw their foundations from different times. Catholicism is rooted firmly in Christ’s ministry and the salvation offered by his death in Jerusalem. Mormonism couples this foundation with teachings they view as equally valid, the lost scripture that Catholic tradition never had a chance to be exposed to before the discovery of the New World. When practically applied to everyday life, the two religions expect the same level of respect, humility, and charity from their patrons. This tenet would likely be enough to overcome any differences between the two faiths.

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