Accepting Others Essay

David Garcia English III Mrs. Carroll A3 Accepting Others Accepting others is a very important part of life. Especially the way they are. If you can’t learn how to do that then you will miss out on a lot of friends in life. Life is hard enough and when people try to “fit in” with the cliques of life, it makes life much harder for them. When you go to school you always have to worry about the way you look or how you walk or who your friends are in order to “fit in”.

If you don’t have a “model body” or if your not in shape or you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend, then you don’t really fit in with the so called “norm”.

Essay Example on Why Is It Important To Accept Others For Who They Are

However, it is hard sometimes to accept people. If someone looks kind of funny or talks weird most people’s first instinct is to walk away or not talk to them.

But if you just give that person a chance, you never know, they could become one of your best friends. Furthermore, if more people accepted others by what was on the inside, the world would be a much happier place. This would cause less fighting in the world, less fighting in school, and over all more well being.

So if accepting others the way they are can not be established in our society, people will miss out on a lot of enjoyable things in life.

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The first step in accepting others is to accept yourself for who you are and not who you think you want to be because most of the time who you think you want to be is who other people have made you think is “in”. In the end, everybody has to accept the fact that everybody is different throughout the world. Everybody’s life in general would be a whole lot better if they just accepted people for who they are.

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Accepting Others Essay
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