Against Gay Marriage Legalization in US: Reasons

One of the rising problems of the modern era is the problem of gay marriage, and, whether or not it should be allowed. Of course, the gay community and people who are supporting the gay population think that gay marriage should be legalized all around the globe and that gay couples should have all the rights as normal, straight couples. Moreover, they consider the adoption of children by gay couples to be perfectly normal and are continuously fighting for this law to be passed.

If this happens, gay people will have all the rights they think they deserve.

However, most people do not support all of the above-mentioned ideas. Simply put, it should be forbidden for gay couples to get married because this will have several negative consequences. They should have all the rights of their counterparts, with the exception of a traditional family. Gay people are different, and it should stay like that. Furthermore, they represent the minority in the modern world which is another reason why should they stay in their own small world.

This will provide them security, positive isolation, and an opportunity to continue their normal lifestyle.

However, the gay community is fighting for their rights daily because they think that they will gain more benefits if gay marriage is permitted. Maybe they are right about that, but the main points that have to be considered are how gay marriage will affect the heterosexual community, which is the majority of human society. This essay will highlight answers to these points.

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Gay marriage should not be allowed because it is contradiction of a traditional family, it is not a good environment for children and their childhood, and because the flaunting of their sexuality is offensive.

Firstly, it has to be emphasized that gay marriage does not match with the traditional family and this is the main reason why, in most cases, the straight community does not support gay marriage. Baker Nelson wrote, “The institution of marriage as a union of man and woman, uniquely involving the procreation and rearing of children within a family, is as old as the book of Genesis” (par. 1). So, a traditional family represents an ideal picture of the family – mother, – father, and children. This exists from the very beginning of mankind.

Also, this is more than just an ideal picture it is both a physical and psychological process. Every person should be attracted by the opposite gender, with no exceptions. However, if there are exceptions, this means that something is wrong with the people who are attracted to the same gender and it represents a medical problem. An example of this can be found in the animal kingdom where all male animals are attracted to female animals and vice versa; hence, this attraction is obviously normal and inherent. Furthermore, gay marriage cannot be treated as a normal marriage because this can have negative effects on human reproduction. More gay couples mean less children.

Human reproduction and the existence of human kind are two main long term goals of the human race. Only traditional families mentioned before can offer this. However, this does not mean that all people should be like that, there will always be some deviations, but the majority of families should be like this. If gay marriage is accepted as normal, this can lead that gay couples representing the majority of world couples one day, which can endanger the existence of human kind.

Secondly, gay couples do not provide a good environment for children and their childhood. There are several reasons for this, but the main reason is that children can perceive that being gay is a normal thing and this can lead to them also becoming gay in the future. The other reason is that children feel lack of influence from both father and mother. “Children in lesbian & gay families lack appropriate role models” (par. 1). Take an example of children raised by a single parent. Children have chance to communicate with only one parent and this can have many negative effects in the long term. The same thing can be transmitted to children with gay parents.

Although children now have two parents, they are parents of the same gender, and children are again deprived of the right to communicate with the parent of the opposite sex. Also, gay parents have a big influence on their children, in this case a negative one. This influence starts from the very beginning, and it can shape the child’s view of the world and society. Logically, if that influence is negative it will have negative consequences.

Children do not have a chance to grow up in a normal family environment, and this is very sad. Although their parents will try to do everything in the best interest of the child, the whole story is wrong from the very beginning. It should be interdicted for gay couples to adopt children because of all these negative influences directed to the young population. As more children become gay, more people want gay marriage, and this will again lead to more gay people adopting children. This is a ‘vicious circle’ which has the opportunity to expand.

However, this expanding can be stopped by the people who have power to make important decisions like this. The whole process will not be easy, but important decisions cannot be implemented over night. It will take time to do this, but it will be worth it at the end. One step in the right direction is to prohibit gay people to adopt children.

Finally, gay people flaunt their sexuality a lot nowadays. Although they represent the minority of all people’s sexual orientation, they have worldwide events such as the gay parade. Besides this, they have a lot of meetings, conferences, and gatherings on a monthly or yearly basis. These events are positive if they are organized in the right way and for a good purpose, but the problem is that they send the wrong message to the public and influence people in a negative way. It is not just a conference or a parade, it is the promotion of the gay community and its ‘good’ influence. Eric Marcus highlighted, “The gay-rights movement has never been stronger, more influential, more diverse, more organized or better prepared for anything than it is today” (par. 211).

Moreover, this promotion is constant and it is putting an enormous pressure on the heterosexual community and government. Gay people promote marriage as a civil right. However, Vigen Guroian noticed, “Clearly, Christian marriage is not about civil liberties, whatever loud voices may say” (par. 5). It is not a civil right, it is more about moral, principle, and tradition. This promotion and influence can result in the gay community being accepted as normal, which is obviously not the hopeful outcome. It spreads a lot of negative influence on the normal community and this can lead that straight people becoming gay.

It is the same example when teenagers who like video games influence their friends who do not like video games. Putting a constant pressure results in the teenagers who previously did not like to play video games, want to try it because are curious and they want to try something new. There is a possibility that after a while they fall in love with video games and play them every day. Now, they spread their own influence to others and this creates a one way path which is expanding. When we talk about negative influences, such as gay sexuality, this is not a smart thing to do in the long term. To summarize, it is very likely that more people will become gay if the number of people influenced by the gay community is bigger. So, gay promotion has to be stopped as soon as possible and gay people should not be allowed to flaunt their sexuality.

To the end, one of the most common objections for forbidding gay marriages can be that marriage is a basic civil right, especially in the modern era of democracy. Nowadays people have more freedom to decide on their own, but there must be some regulations and laws which will limit these decisions and set a line above which people cannot decide by themselves. This rule should be applied in the case of gay marriage. People cannot be authorized to make a decision to marry the person of the same gender, because this can have big negative consequences on human society and its existence. Allowing gay marriage is the first step, and after that it will be permitted for gay couples to adopt children who will be negatively influenced from the very beginning of their life.

Human society will just receive more of the negative influence than before because gay people with more rights will logically have more influence. As it can be seen, everything is connected in this process and allowing one negative thing will lead to accepting another, which becomes a pattern in accepting negative things. Therefore, this whole process should be stopped immediately and without hesitation. Existing marriage laws are good and they should not be changed. Furthermore, they should be respected and every attempt for changing them should be stopped right away.

Gay marriage is not a normal thing and it will never be, that is just a fact. Gay people have problems that can be solved, but outside of the government institutions. Communities and the government can help gay people, but not in a way where they simply give them what they want. Gay marriage would provide more negative than positive things for human society, and this is the main observation that has to be considered when making a decision whether or not gay marriage should be accepted.

In summary, the main purpose of this essay was to explain why gay marriage is not a good idea for human society and its culture. Moreover, gay marriage can produce more negative things, like adopting and raising children in a gay family. These children can’t have normal childhoods and their life standards and morals are deranged. Moreover, the presence of the gay community in the media and its constant pressure on government institutions, lead toward promotion of gay people and their depraved standards. All these negative effects have to be stopped once and for all. Now is the right moment for human society to raise the voice of common sense. Pope John Paul II pointed out, “No ideology can erase from the human spirit the certainty that marriage exists solely between a man and a woman” (par. 11).

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