Marijuana in the 1960s and Today's Perspective: A Case Against Legalization

What is the truth about Marijuana?

In “Marijuana: A case against legalization” Kevin Sabet first presents the difference in the way marijuana was seen in the 1960s compared to the present. In the 1960s it was seen as a “devil weed” and all users of it deserved jail time. Now, there are more supporters of marijuana. His thesis, “Supporters of legalization laud marijuana for its harmlessness, its revenue-generating potential and its medical wonders.”, introduces what the article will focus on. Sabet presents opinions such as the overlooked harmful effects marijuana may have such as addiction that can form while using the drug and reduction in IQ level.

Another point he makes is the economic side to legalizing weed, and how the supporters of the drug often state how legalizing weed would greatly benefit the economy. He expressed his opinion on how the drug use would increase while the cost would diminish. Finally, he expresses his thoughts on the use of marijuana for medicinal reasons.

Sabet makes the point that humans do not need to intake the raw drug to benefit off of it. Marijuana has also been transformed into pills and spray recently. Kevin Sabet’s main argument is that the positive outcomes of legalization of marijuana are not as positive as they may seem.

I have often thought about whether or not I agree with the use of marijuana and if I would be comfortable being surrounded by people getting high in public places. I have my negative thoughts on this subject, but I have concluded that I agree with marijuana being legalized based on the fact that it seems to be harmless.

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Being a teenager, I am often surrounded by people who use the drug frequently. I can honestly say I have never met anyone who is addicted to smoking weed. I believe that if someone has an addiction to weed it is a not a physical addiction to where the body craves it, but more a of a mental addiction such as just simply wanting to get high frequently. Practically anything can be addictive, whether it is food, video games, or drugs. I also have a friend who could possibly be going to Stanford and is ranked number 10 in his class, who is a frequent user of marijuana. Seeing him excel in school as much as he has when he smokes almost everyday leads me to believe it does not effect IQ levels. The economic advantage of marijuana would greatly out weigh any disadvantage it would have on the economy. The USA would profit beneficially off of weed being sold. Finally, I think the very fact that marijuana if proven to help sick people should play a very huge role in it being legal. So far the only bad thing we have seen with marijuana is that is in fact, against the law.

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