An Analysis of the Relation of Vitamin D to Women's Depression

Clarrisa Drymon Shipowtck is a researcher at Washington State University studying a master‘s degree in nursing. Barton Moore is a PhD student undertaking nursing in Chicago University but serving as a lecturer at Washington State University, Cynthia Corbertt and Ruth Bindler are both Masters students at Washington University taking biomedicine masters course.

These four researchers are undertaking a study to find out if Vitamin D is related to depression in women during Winter (Burns, & Grove, 2011). There is no guarantee that the study Will benefit you directly but it will come out With information that Will enable us to identify the relationship between the deficiency of Vitamin D and depressmn of women in Winter; this is a potential benefit.

The four researchers were selected to work on the research because they have actively done extensive study on human deficiencies.

We are therefore Very sure that the study will come out with useful information that Will be beneficial to you and the society at large.

The study has been approved by the University of Washington State and the hospital administration. We therefore have all the necessary prove that the information that We will have from you Will not be used for malicious purposes. The procedure Will involve collecting Serum vitamin D from women who have depression during Winter.

The specimens Will then be analyzed against the level of depression that these women have. The serum Vitamin D Will be administered using Black Invention Inventory. The potential risks that you might meet here is that of fatigue.

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There are high chances that you will get tired along the way or even get bored With the questions We are going to ask. To prepare you psychologically. please be informed that the study will take approximately 25 minutes and will entail:

l) Answering to questionnaires that have been prepared for this research,

2) completing demographic data sheet which Will deal wit the description of the demonstration of procedures.

Please note that you are free to ask questions where you doubt and you can call any of the researchers at any time, The researchers Will answer you might have during the research, Their phone numbers are 32451636, 63348896. 56453434. and 572748 basing on the sequence of names in the first paragraph above. Your participation in the research is to be on own volition basis. You are not bound by any law to continue participating in the research up to the end You can withdraw from it at any time you feel like. The research findings Will not affect your relationship With other family members whatsoever.

This is because the information that WI” be obtained from this research WIII be confidential and are coded. This way, there IS no way that the information you give Will get to third parties. The study information Will be kept by the four supervisors and will be stored in secure places. Although the researchers will be willing to give some information they get out of the research, it is important to note that the information they will give is not exhaustive, There is some information which will be withheld for social. security. or whichever other reason they feel.

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