An Analysis of the Novel The Little Prince by ‎Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Little Prince

1) Parable, as defined by Websteris dictionary means a short fictious story that illustrates a moral attitude or a religious principle. This story might be considered a parable because as the Little Prince visits the different planets he learns to look deeper that what he sees and he learns something new. The parable in the story is that the Little Prince has learned the feeling of love and friendship. The Little Prince learns the feeling of love from his rose, which is his favorite thing on earth.

The Little Prince loves this rose of his he always takes care of it and always makes sure that it is alright. The Little Prince also learns the friendship from the fox. The fox teaches the Little Prince what friendship is for.

2) The ways in which adults and children have different views on the world. The children, when viewing the world use their imagination to see things. Adults, when viewing the world usually look for what makes sense and what is the matter that it is trying to prove.

Children usually look for a fun way to look at things while adults take more of a serious approach to the world. When I view the world I take a little bit from both. I like to take a serious approach to the world but I also like to make sure that what we are doing makes sense. When looking at pictures I would probable take the more reasonable idea of the picture.

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In the case of the boa constrictor digesting the elephant I would probably say that it was a hat while a child would see how it could be a snake even though that is impossible.

3) As the Little Prince made his way to earth, he met with a number of people and things. As he met each they taught him a lesson on life. When the Little Prince got the rose it taught him about love. He always took special care of this rose and he loved it like it was real and it taught him how to love other things as well. When the Little Prince met the king it taught him of power. The King had power over the entire planet. He showed the Little Prince how one person can have power over people. The conceited man taught the Little Prince about pride. The man showed how to have pride in yourself and how to feel good about yourself. The tippler teaches the Little Prince about defeat. The tippler experiences defeat from his drinking problem. He now is drinking to forget his drinking problem. He shows the Little Prince that some things in life can defeat you and to watch out and make good decisions. The Little Prince then learned greed from the businessman. The businessman had lots of money and he had lots of stars that he was always counting. The businessman shows that if you are successful and have money that you are happy. When the Little Prince visits the lamplighter he learns the feeling of loyalty. The lamplighter is always turning on the light at the beginning of a new and turning it off at the end of the day. He shows that he is loyal to his planet by doing so. The Little Prince then learns pretension from the geographer. He learns this because the geographer doesnát have any explorers to go out and look for him so he is going on an assumption on the information. So he shows him how to go on assumption. The Little Prince then learns friendship from the fox. The fox shows him what it is like to have a friend. The fox shows him that you are supposed to have a friend in the world. The fox shows the Little Prince that it is better to do things as a pair rather than by yourself.

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