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The following sample essay on: “A man of the world by Antoine Wilson Review”. Oppen Porter, our narrator, lived with his father George on a “patch of wilderness” on the outskirts of Madera, a small-minded Californian town until George died. There was Oppen 27 years old, had no school, unable to read properly yet learned to write, helped where he could, even without payment, and added to his fate of the village idiot, because a has to do it.

For the latter role includes the daily humiliation ritual of “cowardly chicken”.

Oppen (alone, on his bike) rides the Alvarez brothers meet (for two, in the pickup ) – who gives way first? The eternal winner declare them showdown farce as a game, the eternal loser ends up in dusty ditch, “the cowardly chicken was always me”

Despite the adverse baseline conditions leaves father George’s. son the central idea that one must become a “man of the world,” an ideal that Oppens thinking as well as his assessment of other people; the complex phrase runs through the entire novel.

In addition, leaves George his last will, which is to become embedded in the “wilderness spot” next to his dogs to rest. The designed admittedly difficult and brings the Son into conflict with the relevant laws. (In the end, it requires three funerals until the father his peace place.)

It is now clear that Oppen can not be left to itself. Thank God lives in Panorama City his childless aunt Liz, who will take care of the poor neglected nephew, and already with the arrival on the bus begins Oppens new, rapidly different life On large Out of shape, the outfit cranky.

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So he boards the bus that brings him into the world. He carries the father’s corduroy suit, the seams split and hems are let out on the head of a “real hat” to the neck binoculars, plus a “elegant piece of hand luggage,” the old “Rasierzeugtasche” of the Father. Within four weeks he is – in a sense -. A “man of the world”

First, he learns to know one. Paul Renfro his name. People like Aunt Liz see through the same course that he is nothing but a high stack Direction petty criminal. But Oppenheimer is simplem mind for him all people are good, and he wants to make friends. Paul’s worldliness and his wise sayings he interprets as a sign of a “man of the world”. of course, that takes most impressed Oppen him here someone seriously devoted to him personally ideological lectures, as if he were himself a “man of the world”. Paul wants to “buy time for advanced thinking”! “You’re a thinker, I like that” – something no one has spoken to him! “From life that no inherent sense does” – that he did not know. The beginning of an asymmetrical friendship that will break with a crash …

Aunt Liz’s honorable efforts to make the strange nephew to a decent standard American who fail consistently: he throws the simple job at the fast food restaurant out the meetings the psychologist he plays truant, basic religious education and social security in the “lighthouse community,” pastor Scott he lets go ( “a hotbed of philosophical and spiritual perversity”). Aunt Liz, so feel Oppen, suppressed him and wants him “generally discourage any kind of size”

Instead, he is treading own (idiosyncratic) paths. He brings abandoned shopping carts in their respective supermarket homeland back, hiding it collects the now police pursued philosopher friend Renfro with him, and seelentröstende experiences rather be with the fortune teller Mary, whose mysterious, magical ambience just tie him up as the way in which it holds out his hand … and he learns “in one place to be where you can not make friends with everyone. “<

After a while, flying the whole game on. Disappointed to have been deceived, are on Aunt Liz its ambitions. , Oppen pleased to return home again, and the independence of the aunt recovered is to be him another confirmation that he is on the right track to the “man of the world”.

at home in Madera he relates his father’s house along with Carmen from the place with which he was able to gather shortly before he left his first sexual experience and that was it pregnant. Now, only a last character lacks its qualification as a “man of the world”: finally no longer the “cowardly chicken” be … The blatant hubris can Oppen only to the massive hood of the pickup bounce and then end up in the intensive care unit of the hospital. ”

How much time remains to him until exitus? Before it is too late, it comes a charitable gift from the “Lighthouse Church” zupass: Their pastor had given the poor readers a Hörkassettenversion the Bible, and Oppen leading the recordings a no less missionary purpose: It reports its floating still in the amniotic fluid son Juan -George, as he will in just four weeks to a “thinker”, his “coherent own philosophy develop” and was able to find the key to mature into a “man of the world”. While Juan-George will have to find his own way, but he should make the findings paternal start.

What we read is the transcription of this message on cassette. And we wonder when listening / reading: What is this Oppen Porter anyway? Philosopher, prankster, Kaspar Hauser, amiable giant, Parzival, the dumb tor , Forrest Gump, Simplicius or village Depp?

Well, we want to raise the bar in spite of literary allusions that a like going through your head while reading, not too high hanging. Neither brings Oppen fellow human beings cure yet he considers them (or us) the mirror before; a parable figure he lacks the stature; it does not reach to higher orders or even to real knowledge; his maturity remains modest. He suggests basically similar clueless by like

Antoine Wilson’s novel” A man of the world ” . This book I have on the list Zu my 20 Lieblingsbüchern”.

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